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December 31st, 2002
Happy New Year!

A few GN'R mentions in the press:
Entertainment Weekly: A countdown of the worst events of 2002, GN'R is at #4 with the VMA performance.
Rolling Stone Jan 3rd Justin Timberflake on the cover: "GN'R In Crisis, Is this the end for Axl Rose?"

Thanks SKy72 and rawkr. [15:30]

December 27th, 2002
Added some news stories from around the globe.

There's a GN'R article about the tour here. Thanks shep. [17:30]

December 23rd, 2002
Happy Holidays!

Added a news story about Sebastian Bach recording with "The Project". [13:30]

December 21st, 2002
Added some random news stories and a link to Gilby Clarke Fan Site. [15:50]

December 20th, 2002
Added some news from Launch. [13:35]

December 19th, 2002
The Dallas Observer has a GN'R article here with quotes from inside sources, ex-members etc. [14:55]

December 17th, 2002
Well looks like that Metal Sludge 20 Questions with Earl was a fake one.... [20:30]

Here's an article from the Ottawa Citizen about Axl, the past, the tour etc. Thanks Christopher. [14:45]

Check out this Bill Price interview where he mentions mixing the Use Your Illusion albums. Thanks Ravi. [0:10]

December 16th, 2002
Added some random news.

Camp Freddy will be playing a free show tonight in Hollywood. For more info, check out their site. [14:20]

December 14th, 2002
News article from the Los Angeles Times added to the news section. [13:40]

December 13th, 2002
Two news articles about the tour added. [17:10]

Added some news stories from around the world. [0:35]

December 12th, 2002
Official announcement from CC: "The remainder of the Guns N' Roses concert dates promoted by Clear Channel Entertainment have been canceled.". See news for more. [2:05]

The show in Houston is also cancelled. [0:55]

December 11th, 2002
Still waiting for something official regarding the tour. In the meantime, here's a news story from the LA Times. [17:30]

Looks like the tour really is over according to a post on the Dust N' Bones mailinglist. Still no official word on it. [3:00]

Tour news from Launch. The following shows are cancelled: Greenville, Albuquerque, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Sacramento and San Jose. [0:10]

December 10th, 2002
The Greenville show is now cancelled according to the venue's site. Thanks Andre. [23:30]

Still no official word on the tour's status. The show in Greenville is still on according to the arena's executive director. See news.

WNNX-FM, an Atlanta radio station, has posted a five-minute recording of the riot at Philadelphia's First Union center. Listen to the Real Audio stream here. Thanks Kiki. [18:20]

CC.com still has some GN'R dates listed while Pollstar.com has no shows listed.

Ticketmaster.com currently lists the following shows as cancelled: Albuquerque, NM, Phoenix, AZ, Sacramento, CA and San Jose, CA.

American Airlines Center in Dallas and the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas are both saying the shows are cancelled. [14:35]

Changed all the remaining tourdates to normal instead of "cancelled". They'll stay that way until we know what's going on......

Launch.com news story added. The interesting part: A spokesperson for Clear Channel, the promoters for the tour, stopped short of saying the tour was canceled on Monday, saying instead that the rest of the group's dates were on as scheduled.

MTV was saying CC cancelled the tour and now they changed it to may have had the plug pulled on their first tour in almost a decade. Who knows what's going on. [1:10]

December 9th, 2002
MTV has updated the news article about the tour. According to the article, the tour was cancelled by concert promoter Clear Channel Entertainment. [20:35]

Another news story about the cancellation of the tour. [19:55]

The tour has been cancelled according to MTV, see news for more. [17:05]

Travis Meeks records demos with The Project. Read about it in the news. [11:10]

December 8th, 2002
CKY posted an update on their site saying the tour has been cancelled. See news. [17:50]

Philadelphia news story from the Philadelphia Inquirer. [17:15]

Two more cancelled dates according to Ticketmaster.com: Sacramento and San Jose.

They've also stopped selling tickets for the Las Vegas show. [3:15]

December 7th, 2002
More cancellations. The show in Washington, DC on Dec 9th has been cancelled and the following shows have been cancelled according to Ticketmaster:

12/21/2002 Tingley Coliseum Albuquerque, NM
12/22/2002 America West Arena Phoenix, AZ
12/27/2002 San Diego Sports Arena San Diego, CA [23:30]

The second Philadelphia show on Sunday has been cancelled. See news. [19:05]

Added a bunch of news stories about last night and some links to some New York reviews. [16:00]

The Philadelphia show last night was cancelled for "health reasons" at around 11pm after the opening acts had played. [14:40]

December 6th, 2002
Camp Freddy (with Matt) will be playing a free show in Hollywood on Dec. 16th. No word on if Duff and/or Slash will be there. More details here [15:05]

The New York setlist and notes can be seen here. [13:45]

December 4th, 2002
A little news article about the new album from Launch. [22:30]

Added link to a Hartford review. [20:50]

Hartford setlist added. [11:20]

December 3rd, 2002
We have lost a member of the GN'R online fan community. Lori Lepper, webmaster of loadedonline.com, was tragically murdered in her home in Los Angeles in late November.

The case hasn't been solved by the LAPD yet so if anybody knows anything, please contact the LAPD.

R.I.P Lori

Boston notes and setlist are here. [14:00]

Added first part of the GN'R Tour Diary! It's something I get in my e-mail from a person working with the promotion of the tour. I hope you guys like it. [2:00]

Vote for GN'R on MTV News' poll. Check it out [1:00].

December 2nd, 2002
You can read a Boston preview here. It's got some quotes from Dizzy.

Another link to a Toronto review added. [15:20]

December 1st, 2002
Added some ticket scans (Auburn Hills, Toronto & London) to the setlists section. [18:05]

London setlist, notes etc. added. You can find it here. [14:20]

Added links to more Toronto reviews. [0:20]

November 30th, 2002
Setlist, notes and a review from last night's show can be read over here. [14:40]

November 29th, 2002
You can see a clip of Slash talking about South Park here. Scroll down to Nov. 15th. Thanks Karim.

Slash was also on tv on a show called Celebrities' Pets Unleased on VH1 where he talked about his snakes. Thanks Bill. [18:30]

November 28th, 2002
Added some Albany notes and link to a review. Check it out here. [19:50]

According to Metal Sludge(!), CKY will be the opening act for the rest of the tour. Read about it here. Thanks Rui. [14:35]

November 27th, 2002
Check out eBay for an auction on a signed drumhead. It's from the Camp Freddy show on Oct. 30th and it's signed by Duff, Matt, Slash and a bunch of other musicians. All proceeds go to charity. Thanks Scott.

Added a link to a Columbus review.. [22:10]

Added a link to a Cleveland review. [1:25]

November 26th, 2002
Buckethead and Brain news from MTV.com. [17:40]

Columbus setlist and notes can be seen on this page. [14:10]

November 25th, 2002
Gilby news added. [17:00]

Added some random news stories plus Cleveland notes, Pittsburgh review and preview to the setlists section. [15:35]

November 24th, 2002
You can download an mp3 with Brad Cox audition with ex-Guns N Roses members, featuring - Slash, Duff and Matt Sorum here. [18:20]

News article with transcript of Axl's Detroit radio interview added to the news section. [2:15]

November 23rd, 2002
Added a news story regarding the Slash interview that was aired on Total Rock earlier tonight. See news. [22:25]

The Pittsburgh setlist can be seen here.

Remember to check out Slash on Total Rock tonight at 8pm (UK time). [16:55]

November 22nd, 2002
Chinese Democracy isn't done yet according to Dizzy and it should be in stores by June. Read about that and other things here.

Slash will be on Total Rock tomorrow (23rd) at 8-9pm (UK time) talking about the project with Duff, Izzy and Matt Sorum. Thanks Matt. [22:50]

Moline and Detroit reviews added to the setlists & reviews section. [16:45]

Detroit setlist added. [13:25]

101 WRIF will broadcast an interview with Axl at 7pm local time today. You can listen to it on their site.

GN'R will be on MTV2's The Wrap on Sunday at 9:30 p.m. Kurt Loder peeks under Buckethead's bucket, while Gideon Yago takes a look at the other GN'R, the purported return of rock. Thanks dave. [0:50]

November 21st, 2002
Another article added. It's a Buckethead article by Kurt Loder. [20:40]

An article from Albany NY Times Union added. It's an interview with Richard and you can read it here. [19:40]

November 20th, 2002
A little news article where Dizzy talks about how some fans miss the old band. [22:40]

Added a fresh article with quotes from Dizzy and Tommy to the articles section. [19:00]

Added links to some Allstate Arena reviews. [15:15]

November 19th, 2002
Former GN'R drummer and current "The Project" drummer Matt Sorum turns 42 today. Happy Birthday!

News story with a Slash mention added to the news section. [23:15]

Added some links and some small additions to the discography. [18:50]

Rosemont, IL setlist added. [9:00]

November 18th, 2002
The Project news from MTV added to the news section. [17:55]

Moline setlist added. [17:30]

November 17th, 2002
Happy Birthday Richard.

Added some news stories from the past few days. [1:40]

November 16th, 2002
Added Fargo setlist. [13:50]

November 15th, 2002
Minneapolis setlist and notes added. Thanks Holtz.

Some people are still having problems accessing the site. I guess it depends on if your ISP's DNS server has been updated or not. [14:25]

November 14th, 2002
Pioneer Press has an interview with Tommy on their site and you can read it here. Thanks Slade65. [23:00]

There were some problems with the domain name yesterday. That's why some of you couldn't access the site.

Tracii Guns mentions GN'R a few times in his Metal Sludge 3-wind. [14:10]

November 13th, 2002
San Diego and Los Angeles go on sale on Saturday. The pre-sale starts on Thursday at 12noon. [10:20]

MTV's report on the Axl interview on KISW added to the news section. [0:40]

November 12th, 2002
There are some GN'R mentions in Metal Sludge's 20 Questions with CKY's Deron Miller. [17:05]

Added some notes and setlist from last night's show. Thanks Robert. [13:40]

November 11th, 2002
First Union Spectrum press release added to the news. [19:15]

The second Philadelphia show on Dec 8th, will be at the First Union Spectrum. Tickets go on sale on Nov 16th. Thanks Adam. [17:10]

November 10th, 2002
According to the First Union Center in Philadelphia, GN'R will perform there on Dec. 8th. This is the same date as the cancelled Wilkes Barre show. [15:40]

Vancouver riot news story from Canada.com. [2:35]

Statement from the GM Place regarding the Vancouver show added to the news. [0:05]

November 9th, 2002
Tacoma review from MTV added to the news. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer review can be read here. [17:45]

Added a transcript of yesterday's radio interview to the articles section. [16:55]

Axl did an interview on KISW in Seattle. You can listen to it at KISW.com or download an mp3 of it at gnrii.com.

He said Chinese Democracy will be out "sometime during the next year".

Pics from the Tacoma show can be seen here.

Added Tacoma setlist. [14:00]

Yet another riot news story. [0:05]

November 8th, 2002
More Vancouver news stories added. [19:55]

According to MTV news, the Vancouver show will be re-scheduled. The MTV news story also says that the show was called off by GM Place managers. Read it here. [15:05]

Pictures from the riot in Vancouver can be seen here. [13:00]

Once again GN'R does something quite unexpected, but this time it wasn't something good. The first show of the tour in Vancouver last night was cancelled at the last minute. Read news report in the news. [9:40]

Opening act news from MTV with comments from CKY. [1:45]

November 7th, 2002
Happy Birthday Robin!

The Gnronline pre-sale for Phoenix, Las Vegas, Sacramento and San Jose has started. [19:30]

Metal Sludge has added some old pics of Slash to their Exposed section. You can see them here. [15:55]

A little news story about Mixmaster Mike / GN'R. [14:10]

Added news about the opening band for the first 14 shows. [2:40]

The North American tour starts today in Vancouver! [0:20]

November 6th, 2002
CKY to open for GN'R? You can read about it here. [23:00]

GN'R at #1 on WYSP.com. Check out the news. [1:35]

November 5th, 2002
The getAccess / cc.com presale is tomorrow (6th) for the following shows: Phoenix, Las Vegas, Sacramento and San Jose. [22:40]

From firstunionarena.com: Wilkes-Barre, PA: Due to a routing conflict, the Guns N Roses show at the First Union Arena on Sunday, December 8 has been cancelled. Tickets are refundable at point of purchase. [19:30]

Looks like the December 8th show in Wilkes Barre, PA might be cancelled. It's not listed on cc.com anymore and Ticketmaster isn't selling tickets to it at the moment. The venue is saying it's cancelled due to "scheduling conflicts". Thanks Brian.

Snakepit.org has a pic of Izzy rehearsing with Duff, Slash nad Matt. It's from the LA Times articles published on Nov 3rd. Read the article here and see the pic here. [17:30]

Some random news added to the news section. [0:35]

November 4th, 2002
Phoenix, Las Vegas and Sacramento go on sale on Nov 9th at 10AM. San Jose goes on sale on the 10th. [2:45]

November 3rd, 2002
The shows in Boston and Philadelphia seems to be sold out or nearly sold out now. For the Rosemont show there are only seats left behind the stage. [14:25]

November 2nd, 2002
A little news about Robin's official site and Slash appearing on a Ronnie Wood DVD. Read about it here. [15:15]

November 1st, 2002
Izzy's working with Duff, Matt and Slash. See news.

The Camp Freddy site has some pics from the rehearsal for last night's show. [20:15]

Dallas on sale date: November 16th. Phoenix on sale date: November 9th. [16:25]

News from last night's Camp Freddy show can be read here. [1:50]

Added tour dates for Las Vegas, San Jose and Inglewood. [0:55]

October 31st, 2002
The Gnronline presale for the shows in Tampa, W. Palm Beach, Biloxi and Albuquerque starts today at 10AM local time.

There are a two GN'R mentions in Metal Sludge's Rewind with Alice Cooper. Read the thing here. [15:40]

Ticket Sales Have 'Definitely Surpassed Expectations'. See news. [2:40]

Good news: The Message Board is back
Bad news: You need to re-register. [0:00]

October 30th, 2002
Some news added about Chinese Democracy being pulled out of record store ads. [18:30]

Rumor alert: I've gotten e-mails saying there's gonna be a new GN'R video on MTV tomorrow.
That's all I heard, don't know if it'll happen but we'll find out soon..... [18:05]

October 29th, 2002
Duff, Slash & Matt news from Blabbermouth. [19:35]

Added ticket info for W. Palm Beach, Houston and Albuquerque. See tour dates for more. [1:50]

October 28th, 2002
Wanna help in promoting the upcoming tour? Bandbitch.com has a contest where you can win $500 by promoting the tour. More info here.

You can also join the GN'R street team at this site. You need to be a US resident to join. [16:25]

October 27th, 2002
The board is closed until I get the new version up and running. It seems quite pointless to open the current one, then close it for the upgrade.... [18:50]

The board is still down and it's being worked on. I'll post info here when it's back up and running again.

Slash news added.

Added some links. [14:20]

October 26th, 2002
Happy Birthday to us! Yeah that's right, it's the 6th birthday for this site today.

The Message Board is still down....

We might have lost everything posted from August and on. We'll see when the board is back online again. [15:55]

October 25th, 2002
The Message Board is down at the moment. I have no idea when it'll be back online again. [23:20]

The Albuquerque on sale date is also Nov. 2nd. [17:35]

Tickets for the Biloxi show on December 16th, go on sale Nov. 2nd. [12:35]

October 24th, 2002
Another store saying Dec. 3rd is the release date. Read about it in news. [16:45]

October 23rd, 2002
Added news about a Camp Freddy (a band with Matt) show. See news. [15:40]

October 22nd, 2002
According to cc.com, tickets for the show in Sacramento (Dec. 30th) go on sale on Nov. 9th. Thanks Ali. [22:30]

GN'R have added shows in Biloxi, Houston, Dallas, Albuquerque, Phoenix and San Diego to the tour. See tour dates for dates and venues. [0:00]

October 21st, 2002
Looks like the London, Ontario show is sold out (or really close to being that).

Added news about the Freddie Mercury Tribute DVD. [16:55]

October 20th, 2002
For those of you wondering what happened to the Buffalo show, it looks like it's not gonna happen. The show isn't listed on Gnronline or Pollstar anymore.

Added some random news. [16:35]

October 19th, 2002
The following shows go on sale later today: Pittsburgh, Albany, Toronto, London, Wilkes Barre, Washington and Greenville. See tour dates for more info. [15:20]

October 18th, 2002
GN'R dates in New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and California? See news. [1:05]

October 17th, 2002
News added about one of the opening acts on the upcoming tour.

Added news on the Duff, Slash & Matt project. Apparently Izzy's writing with them. [22:15]

Looks like the site has been moved to the new server now. [17:35]

Added venues and on sale dates for the Florida shows. [1:20]

October 16th, 2002
There's supposed to be a pre-sale for the Toronto and London shows tomorrow at 10AM. Thanks N.J. [21:20]

This site will be moved to a new server soon. So if you encouter any problems to access it, it might be because of that. [16:40]

Added ticketinfo for a bunch of shows. [0:10]

October 15th, 2002
Looks like Mix Master Mike will be an opening act at the Washington show. [23:30]

Pollstar.com has now been updated. They are now listing the Nov. 30th show in London, Ontario as well as the Nov. 22nd show in Pittsburgh. Both shows go on sale this Saturday. [22:35]

GN'R to play in London, Ontario, Canada on Nov. 30th? Apparently that's what FM96 in London is saying. Thanks Luc. [15:10]

October 14th, 2002
Looks like the Lexington show on Nov. 22nd has been moved to Pittsburgh.

Tickets for the shows in Pittsburgh, Albany, Wilkes Barre and Washington go on sale on October 19th. [23:00]

The Toronto show goes on sale this Saturday (19th). Thanks Halucinogen. [12:50]

October 13th, 2002
Added some stuff to the guest appearances and recording sessions pages. [17:45]

October 12th, 2002
The public sale for tickets for the shows in Minneapolis, Fargo and Columbus starts today.

Tickets for the Greenville show go on sale on October 19th.

News about the Duff, Slash & Matt project. They haven't decided on the singer yet. [15:55]

October 11th, 2002
Duff, Slash & Matt news from MTV and Moby mentions GN'R on Belgian TV. Oh, and he also played a version of Sweet Child O' Mine. Read about it and check out the clip in the news section. [16:45]

October 10th, 2002
Apparently ticket info for the Toronto show will be announced tomorrow (Friday). Thanks N.J.

The Gnronline pre-sale for the shows in Boise, Minneapolis, Fargo and Columbus started today. [17:55]

More random GN'R news added. [15:05]

Axl in Shanghai and GN'R in Classic Rock. Read about it in news. [0:40]

October 9th, 2002
No new single has been sent to the radio stations. See news. [23:40]

Tickets for the Boise, ID show go on sale this Friday (11th) at 10AM. [19:00]

Randon GN'R news added. [18:35]

News from Blabbermouth regarding the single. [17:05]

October 8th, 2002
The pre-sale for the shows in Minneapolis, Fargo and Columbus starts tomorrow. More info here. [23:50]

More December release date rumors. See news. [23:20]

Cleveland show moved back? Ticketmaster and the Nationwide Arena now list November 25th as the date for the Cleveland show. [14:50]

October 7th, 2002
Something new coming from GN'R soon? See news. [23:05]

Some news added about the Duff, Matt and Slash project.

Q magazine is selecting the 100 top albums of all time and you can vote here.
You can actually vote for more than one GN'R album. Thanks Audjon. [15:50]

October 6th, 2002
Happy Birthday Tommy!

A blurb about Matt Damon playing Axl on Saturday Night Live. See news. [12:55]

October 5th, 2002
Looks like Loaded's European tour is cancelled. Apparently it was never officially confirmed. [16:10]

Tickets for Vancouver, Tacoma, Moline, Auburn Hills, Cleveland and Hartford go on sale later today.
For details, click here. [14:40]

October 4th, 2002
The Internet pre-sale for the shows in Vancouver, Tacoma, Moline, Auburn Hills, Cleveland and Hartford ends tonight.
The shows mentioned above go onsale tomorrow (5th). See tour dates for details. [18:25]

October 3rd, 2002
Appetite For Destruction is number 1 on another poll. Read about it here. [21:50]

According to gnronline.com, the Toronto pre-sale has been postponed. Tickets for that show hasn't gone on sale yet. [20:20]

A little blurb about a possible show in Montreal, Canada added to the news. [16:50]

The pre-sale for the Vancouver, BC show starts today (3rd) at 10:00AM PT. [0:35]

The pre-sale for Hartford, CT tickets starts today (Thursday Oct 3rd) at 10:00AM.
Info on the tour dates page. [0:00]

October 2nd, 2002
Tickets for the Tacoma, WA show go on sale on October 5th. See tour dates. [18:35]

Ticket info added for Moline, IL, Auburn Hills, MI and Cleveland, OH.
The presale for the Auburn Hills and Cleveland shows starts today (Oct. 2nd). See tour dates for more information. [1:25]

October 1st, 2002
Hartford, CT tickets go on-sale on October 5th at 10AM.

Hoobastank to open for GN'R? See news. [23:30]

Press release regarding the ticket sales added to the news section. [22:15]

Added more news stories. One about the MSG show and another about Kerrang!'s 10 Worst Album Sleeves In Metal list. [14:10]

Tickets for the Tacoma, WA show go on sale on October 5th at 9:00AM.

Added some misc news about the show at MSG in NYC and Camp Freddy.

Check out the Osaka bootleg. Thanks Tiago. [12:45]




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