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December 31st, 2000
Happy New Year!

Everybody going to Las Vegas, have fun!
Setlists, notes, reviews etc. of the show would be appreciated. [13:20]

December 21st, 2000
Happy Holidays!

I won't be able to update the site for a while. For news, check out the Message Board.

Reminder: Tickets for the dutch GN'R show go onsale tomorrow! [15:50]

December 20th, 2000
Added a link to Live Fast Die Young. [23:10]

Marilyn Manson mentions GN'R. See news! [12:00]

December 19th, 2000
Dutch radio has reported that GN'R will be playing in The Netherlands on June 23rd.
The venue is Gelredome Stadium in Arnhem and tickets go onsale this Friday!

Wonder if more European shows will be announced soon? [13:30]

December 18th, 2000
There's a Slash interview online over at Rocket 95.3FM, the rock home of Stockholm.
It's a Real Audio file.

Added a link to Guns N Roses Best Band In The World. [18:00]

December 15th, 2000
Added a link to Guns N Roses: Reign Of The Gods. [18:40]

December 14th, 2000
The surprise GN'R show in San Diego never happened! Somebody was trying to be "funny". [17:25]

December 13th, 2000
Slash speaks to NME.com. See news! [12:15]

December 12th, 2000
Finally some album news! Chinese Democracy will be released in June! See news! [1:20]

December 11th, 2000
GN'R @ Rock Am Ring and Rock Im Park 2001? See the news section. [20:10]

Stalker news.

Appetite For Destruction on Sonicnet's 25 Essential Rock Albums. News! [16:45]

GN'R played a secret club gig last Saturday? See news. [7:55]

Added some pictures. [0:15]

December 10th, 2000
Added some links. [13:45]

December 8th, 2000
GN'R @ Ozzfest 2001? See news. [10:45]

December 6th, 2000
Another GN'R in Las Vegas newsstory, this one has comments from Doug Goldstein. [23:15]

Added Vegas news from Sonicnet.

Added some links. [20:20]

GN'R to play Las Vegas on New Year's Eve! See news! [11:40]

December 5th, 2000
Updated Slash's Snakepit tour dates. The show in Gothenburg has been cancelled,
they'll be in Malmö instead. No Snakepit for me on this tour..... :-( [13:30]

December 3rd, 2000
Added a link to Garden Of Illusions. [15:45]

December 1st, 2000
Slash's Snakepit will release Been There Lately as a single in the UK on December 4th. [17:30]

November 30th, 2000
Slash will be on CD:UK this weekend. See news. [19:40]

November 27th, 2000
Just some small updates here and there. [15:20]

November 25th, 2000
Updated the links page.

A reminder:
You can still become a member of the new Here Today... Gone To Hell! Message Board. [17:00]

November 23rd, 2000
See what Trent Reznor said about today's rock music. He did mention GN'R and Axl......
Look here.

Ozzy to tour with GN'R? See news. [11:50]

November 22nd, 2000
Guns N' Roses Set For Return, Vegas Style? See news. [0:20]

November 21st, 2000
MTV will be airing the 100 greatest pop songs this week. See news.

Check out the latest Snakepit e-card (thanks Peter).

Added link to Axlmania. [13:20]

November 20th, 2000
Go check out this cool Slash interview @ CMJ (thanks Bull). [18:05]

Added a new Message Board. You'll have to register to post on it (if you've seen the old one, you know why).
I hope you like it...... [0:05]

November 18th, 2000
GN'R on VH1's 100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock chart and
Rolling Stone's 100 Greatest Pop Songs. See news. [13:25]

November 15th, 2000
Updated Snakepit UK ticket info. [14:25]

November 14th, 2000
Robin and Tommy checking out shoes.... See news. [09:05]

November 13th, 2000
Added ticket info for the Italian Snakepit show. [11:30]

November 11th, 2000
Updated Snakepit tour dates (added two Korean shows that will take place next week). [15:30]

November 10th, 2000
Axl at System Of A Down gig. See news.

Reminder: Slash and Rod will be on VH1's Rock Show tonight. [13:35]

November 9th, 2000
Slash and Rod will be on VH1's Rock Show tomorrow (Friday). [16:25]

November 6th, 2000
Updated Snakepit's Asian tour dates (the Korean shows are cancelled). [20:25]

Pearl Jam's Jeff Ament mentions GN'R. See news. [11:10]

November 5th, 2000
Updated Snakepit tour dates. Added two Californian dates. [16:25]

Was Zim Zum (ex Marilyn Manson guitarist) offered to join GN'R? See news. [15:15]

November 3rd, 2000
Steven Adler will be performing with the Gutter Gangster All Stars tomorrow (Sat. 4th) in Los Angeles.
See news. [17:30]

Slash's Snakepit will not be playing at Rock In Rio III! See the new tour dates.

Check out this Slash interview over at Yahoo!. [13:40]

November 2nd, 2000
Duff will not be touring in the UK with the Mad For The Racket.
Slash's Snakepit will be playing at Rock In Rio III (but not on the same day as GN'R!).

Added some links. [18:30]

November 1st, 2000
Another GN'R comeback news story.
Slash's Snakepit's Australian tour cancelled?
Duff might not be touring with the Racketeers. [14:50]

October 31st, 2000
Live Era songbook news. [20:40]

Another news story on the possible tour and official line-up. [0:20]

October 30th, 2000
Guns N' Roses Make Buckethead, Robin Finck, & Bob Ezrin Official. See news! [22:55]

Added some GN'R Winamp skins to the downloads section. [14:10]

October 29th, 2000
GN'R has been added as confirmed to the official Rock In Rio site.
Thanks to everyone who pointed that out. [16:40]

October 27th, 2000
According to Primus' management, Brain is the new GN'R drummer. [22:35]

Added The Racketeers UK tour dates.

Another news story on the Rock In Rio show. [14:30]

October 26th, 2000
Here Today... Gone To Hell! went online four years ago! :-)

Slash's Snakepit Gothenburg ticket info added. [17:40]

Rock In Rio III news story from MTV added. [12:30]

Here's a little news story on Rock In Rio III appearance!!! [1:40]

Here's another GN'R rumor.... A Brazilian TV channel supposedly reported that GN'R
is going to play Rock In Rio III. More news if/when it's released. And btw, it is a rumor! [0:00]

October 25th, 2000
Is Brain the new GN'R drummer? See news for more. [18:15]

October 23rd, 2000
Updated Snakepit's Australian tour dates/info. [23:00]

October 21st, 2000
Added a Slash article from KNAC. Updated Snakepit tour dates/info. [14:10]

October 17th, 2000
Another Slash article added to the articles section. [19:55]

October 15th, 2000
Added a Ain't Life Grand review from KNAC.com. [15:20]

October 13th, 2000
Added a new mp3 to the Audio section. It's The Presidents Of The USA feat. Duff McKagan.
The track is called I'm Mad. It will be available through December 15th. [15:10]

October 12th, 2000
Added a new Slash article from Hard Rock Magazine October 2000.

Updated Snakepit tour dates. [20:25]

October 11th, 2000
Slash news from Rolling Stone. The new Snakepit album is out now. Go get it! :-)
The Snakepit tour starts tonight in Hollywood. [19:05]

October 8th, 2000
Updates Slash's Snakepit tour dates. The tour starts next Wednesday in Hollywood, CA. [13:20]

October 7th, 2000
GN'R on VH1 special in November. Check out the news.

Added two possible The Gentlemen tour dates. The first one is in Seattle next Friday.

Added a link to Rock N' Fuckin' Roll.

BTW, Ain't Life Grand has already been released in the UK too. [15:20]

The two Swedish Slash's Snakepit shows will probably be in Malmö and Stockholm. [0:50]

October 6th, 2000
Slash's Snakepit's Ain't Life Grand seems to be out already in some countries
(at least Canada and Finland). Check your local record stores. [22:05]

October 3rd, 2000
Updated Slash's Snakepit tour dates. [12:15]

October 1st, 2000
Added link to an Izzy Stradlin site called Ride On With The JuJu Hounds. Updated some stuff. [15:30]

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