October 26th, 2002

So it's October 26th again... That means another birthday for this little site. This is the sixth one. It's still as much fun as it was in 1996. Maybe even more fun because now there's stuff happening in the GN'R world. :)

Lots of things have happened during this past year. This site moved for the first time and got a domain name. GN'R went on tour and got a new guitarist among other things.

The coolest thing that happened to me personally was hearing the Pukkelpop bootleg. I haven't figured out what really happened and why yet.... It was totally unexpected, but it was a really nice surprise. :)

Back to the site, we also got a new board this year and I'd like to thank all the cool people over there. Especially Adi and the moderators (Andy, Chris, Christos, Dafydd, Danny, Debs, Laura, Marijke, Michele, Mika and Tyrel). You rock!

I have to thank Jukka-Pekka and Carl-Henrik for helping me with the big move back in May.

Thanks also to everybody who contributed in one way or another.




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