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December 31st, 1999
Happy New Year! [12:20]

December 29th, 1999
Redid and added new pictures to the pictures page....

Added a Live Era '87 - '93 review from KNAC. [19:30]

December 23rd, 1999
Happy Holidays!

The holidays are here and I just wanted to thank all of you who've helped me with this site this year...
Thanks for all the articles, news etc. Thanks also to all who've visited the site and e-mailed me..

The site won't be updated heavily this coming week.... [18:00]

December 18th, 1999
Download Coma (live) See news. [15:40]

December 17th, 1999
Slash's Snakepit news

Vote for GN'R in Rolling Stone's Century Poll.

Here's a couple of GN'R contests, Sonicnet and Gigmania [22:30]

December 15th, 1999
The new Slash's Snakepit album is called Ain't Life Grand, it'll be released on the 22nd of February. [18:55]

December 14th, 1999
Here's another Live Era '87 - '93 review. This one's from Allmusic.com.

Remember to vote for GN'R in Rolling Stone's Century Poll. [18:55]

December 13th, 1999
Added a Live Era '87 - '93 review from MTV.

You can still vote for GN'R in Rolling Stone's Century Poll. [20:25]

December 12th, 1999
Vote for GN'R in Rolling Stone's Century Poll. Click here! [18:40]

December 11th, 1999
Slash news [14:50]

December 10th, 1999
Appetite For Destruction, #16 on all time best selling albums chart. See news [18:50]

December 9th, 1999
Live Era '87 - '93 entered the Billboard and UK album charts at #45.

Added a link to Intentional Illusions. [20:00]

December 8th, 1999
Live Era '87 - '93 entered the Swedish album chart at #49...... [19:45]

December 7th, 1999
Back after the system upgrade!

Trent Reznor on Axl. See news.

Added a couple of Live Era '87 - '93 reviews. [20:25]

December 4th, 1999

I won't be able to update this site between the 5th and 7th. Passagen are updating their systems.
My hem.passagen.se mail account won't work, so if you want a quick reply, use this e-mail address instead: [removed]
If anything important happens during this time, it'll be posted here [link removed]! [14:40]

December 3rd, 1999
Beck on Axl. See news.

Added another Live Era '87 - '93 review. This one's from Rolling Stone. [20:30]

December 2nd, 1999
Do you have a screwed up version of Live Era '87 - '93? Then check out the news. [20:05]

December 1st, 1999
Slash will be one of the hosts when MTV airs the 100 Greatest Videos. See news. [19:35]

November 30th, 1999
Added a Live Era '87 - '93 review from Spin. [21:15]

November 29th, 1999
Go and vote for Welcome To The Jungle on TRL! Click here!
Vote between 12:00am and 3:00pm Eastern Time.

Live Era 87 - 93 rocks!!! MTV is previewing it today (Monday). [18:40]

November 28th, 1999
Live Era 87 - 93 news.
Remember to vote for Jungle on TRL on Monday and Tuesday. More info here! [17:30]

November 27th, 1999
Another chance to win stuff by voting for GN'R on MTV's TRL. See the news section. [15:30]

November 23rd, 1999
Slash at the L.A. Music Awards. Check out the news. [21:20]

November 21st, 1999
Slash's record is done. Expected release in March. See news. [14:10]

November 20th, 1999
NME End Of Days soundtrack review / EOD soundtrack debuts at #20. See news. [14:20]

November 18th, 1999
Guns N' Roses Live vs. Marilyn Manson Live.
The battle of the live albums over at Rolling Stone Online. [19:40]

November 15th, 1999
Added a links to Oh My God... Welcome To The Jungle and Ivanhoe's MOD ROCKS. [22:20]

November 13th, 1999
The Axl Rose interview from MTV. And more on Izzy's new album. Check it out in the news section.

BTW, the Welcome To The Jungle debuted on the TRL chart at number 10! [15:20]

November 12th, 1999
End Of Days soundtrack info and Gilby news. [20:50]

November 11th, 1999
News on the new Izzy Stradlin album. [19:55]

November 10th, 1999
News on the Axl interview.

Added a link to the Official GN'R home page. [19:00]

November 9th, 1999
Dave Navarro talks about GN'R. Plus more comments from Doug Goldstein.

Vote for the new GN'R video!!! See news. [20:20]

November 8th, 1999
The new album is called Chinese Democracy! Check out the story in the news. [18:40]

November 7th, 1999
The new Welcome To The Jungle video aired on MTV2. See news. [17:40]

November 6th, 1999
Slash will appear on VH1's Rock Shop this Thursday. News on the new Welcome To The Jungle video.
See news. [14:15]

November 3rd, 1999
Slash will be at the L.A. Music Awards. See news. [20:10]

November 2nd, 1999
Quick update! Slash is not rejoining GN'R at this moment!.
He's working on the Snakepit record. [23:00]

November 1st, 1999
Added a link to Guns N' Roses Destruction. [22:45]

October 31st, 1999
Some info on a couple of songs on the Live Era '87–'93 album. [20:10]

October 30th, 1999
Passagen (the host of this site) is gonna do some maintenance work on their systems this weekend.
So this site is going to be down from 22:00 CET to 09:00 CET on Sunday morning. [18:30]

October 29th, 1999
Slash comments on Live Era '87 - '93. See news. [21:05]

October 28th, 1999
News on the possible bonus track on Live Era '87 - '93 Here!. [20:05]

October 27th, 1999
Live Era '87 - '93 and Snakepit news. [20:55]

October 25th, 1999
Added a special page for the Live Era '87–'93 album. [18:40]

October 22nd, 1999
Slash news from RollingStone.com [19:50]

October 21st, 1999
GN'R on TRL? Some people are trying to get MTV to play the It's So Easy video on the Total Request Live show.
Go to this page if you want to request the video..... [20:10]

October 18th, 1999
Added 2000 Intentions - The Guide to Guns Nī Roses on the Net to the links section. [22:50]

October 17th, 1999
Updated the links section. [16:30]

October 16th, 1999
More Live Era '87–'93 news.... [19:00]

October 15th, 1999
News about the Live Album's release date and tracklist....

Added a link to Gilby's Official Site. [21:20]

October 12th, 1999
Guns N' Roses Return With Aggressive New Single! See news! [20:45]

Added Oh My God page! Check it out.... [20:30]

October 10th, 1999
Updated link to GN'R MP3 Warehouse [17:40]

More radio stations in the Oh My God update.... [13:20]

October 9th, 1999
Oh My God [update].... [14:20]

October 8th, 1999
Oh My God hits radio! :-) [23:55]

Possible End Of Days tracklisting.... [20:00]

October 6th, 1999
Slash will be performing at NetAid this Saturday! He'll be performing with Puff Daddy. Check it out here.... [23:20]

October 4th, 1999
Axl appears on Rolling Stones cover? It's Only Rock N' Roll (But I Like It).... [19:50]

October 2nd, 1999
Oh My God details.... [14:35]

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