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March 29th, 2001
Slash's Snakepit / AC/DC news story from Sonicnet. [19:50]

March 27th, 2001
Belgian tour date update.
According to http://www.goformusic.be, GN'R will play in Belgium on
June 30th. Thanks Vincent. [21:25]

A new GN'R tour date in Belgium in late June or early July.

Izzy's new album, River, will be out in May. Check out some
new photos of the man over at: http://izzy.vr9.com Thanks Markus! [20:00]

March 26th, 2001
Slash's Snakepit cancels AC/DC tour. See news.

GN'R mentioned in Roskilde news story from Sonicnet.

There's a GN'R article in the new Spin magazine (thanks Steve). [18:40]

March 23rd, 2001
Slash will be appearing on Channel 4 (UK?) on the 24th of March on the Top Ten
Guitar Heroes show at 10:00 pm.

Made some updates..... [19:20]

March 19th, 2001
Brian May mentions GN'R. See news.

Check out this Slash interview over at Guild Guitars.
Thanks BelkaStrelka. [19:20]

March 17th, 2001
No support act(s) for the Euro dates has/have been announced yet.

Never Mind The Buzzcocks with Slash will be on again tomorrow at 10.15 p.m. on BBC2.

Slash's Snakepit have cancelled the March dates on the AC/DC tour.

Added link to Guns N' Roses Italian Web Site. [14:15]

March 14th, 2001
New date in Switzerland on June 22nd? [19:10]

March 13th, 2001
The city for one of the Spanish shows have been changed from Malaga to Madrid.

Slash's Snakepit cancel tour dates. See news. [23:20]

March 12th, 2001
Slash is on UK TV tonight. He'll be on "Never Mind The Buzzcocks" on
BBC2 comedy zone at 9.00pm. Thanks Simon.

Stockholm tickets are on sale.

Added link to Gunz N' Rozes (A GN'R tribute band) Fan Club site [19:35]

March 11th, 2001
Slash news article. [17:35]

March 10th, 2001
GN'R are on the Songs Of The Century list. See news.

The Oslo tickets went on sale today. [14:35]

March 7th, 2001
GN'R won't be touring with STP this summer. More here.
News on Izzy's new album.

Click here for a Spanish Duff interview. Thanks Alex. [19:55]

Tickets for the show in Stockholm, Sweden go on sale on March 12th.

The Roskilde organizers have confirmed that GN'R will be at the festival. [14:10]

March 4th, 2001
Second London show? www.aloud.com are selling tickets for a second
show in London on the 10th of June. [17:50]

Updated Snakepit tour dates. [12:30]

March 3rd, 2001
GN'R will be on a show called Hollywood & Crime on Court TV on
March 4th at 12:30 am ET. Thanks D.

Some "old" Chinese Democracy news.

Added link to Guns N' Roses Argentina. [17:10]

March 2nd, 2001
New tour dates from pollstar.com:
June 19th - Malaga, Spain, 20th - Barcelona, Spain and
28th - Roskilde Festival, Denmark. See tour dates for more info.

Thanks to Michael! [17:10]

February 28th, 2001
UK dates: 9/6 London, 12/6 Glasgow, 13/6 Manchester and 14/6 Birmingham.
Ticket go on sale on Friday at 8:30 AM. Check out the tour dates.
Thanks Charlottesdaddy! [21:20]

The UK shows go on sale this Friday morning.

Added article from Guitar World.

Updated Gilby tour dates. [20:20]

February 27th, 2001
Stalker news. [21:30]

February 25th, 2001
Possible UK tour dates? See news. [17:40]

February 24th, 2001
Updated Snakepit's tour dates and some Chinese Democracy lyrics. [15:10]

February 23rd, 2001
There's a short Slash interview at grammy.com.
Thanks Berc.

Snakepit's tour starts tonight @ The House Of Blues in Hollywood, California. [19:30]

February 21st, 2001
Updated The Blues lyrics.

Issue #4 of the Nightrain fanzine is now available. More info here. [19:50]

February 19th, 2001
Added lyrics to The Blues and Madagascar.
As you might notice, they're not complete.... [21:45]

February 18th, 2001
Removed the Vegas mp3s.

Added some ticket links to the tour dates. [17:05]

February 17th, 2001
Added stuff to the history.

Updated Slash's Snakepit tour dates. [15:00]

February 15th, 2001
Added Slash's Snakepit tour dates. [20:30]

February 14th, 2001
Matt Sorum news. [19:05]

February 13th, 2001
Two new tour dates in June! Stockholm (25th) and Oslo (26th)! [6:25]

February 12th, 2001
If you've missed the great Slash interview done by Rocket 95.3 FM
"The Rock Home of Stockholm", click here. It's a RealAudio stream.
Thanks Eric! [19:35]

February 11th, 2001
Updated Snakepit tour dates.

Check out this article about band called Rock City Angels. GN'R and Geffen Records
are both featured in the article.....
Thanks Patrick! [13:15]

February 9th, 2001
Two new European tour dates added. They'll be in Berlin (June 5th) and Imola (June 17th).
Thanks Bob! [23:45]

February 8th, 2001
Wanna check out the new official GN'R site?
Click here for a sneak peek. If you have any comments you can
post them on the Message Board. [20:45]

February 7th, 2001
Axl interview transcript from Rock And Pop Chile added [22:20]

Added an Argentinian GN'R article from Clarin.

Updated Snakepit tour dates. [20:20]

February 6th, 2001
Happy Birthday Axl Rose!

Download Madagascar video clip from Rio. Click here. [20:40]

February 5th, 2001
Happy Birthday Duff McKagan! [18:05]

February 4th, 2001
Added an Axl interview from Rock & Pop FM in Argentina to the articles section. [17:15]

February 3rd, 2001
New single in spring? No Ozzfest for GN'R. Plus other small news stories.

Added some Slash's Snakepit tour dates. [14:15]

February 1st, 2001
Updated Slash's Snakepit tour dates. [21:15]

January 30th, 2001
Slash's Snakepit will be opening for AC/DC on their North American
tour. Check out the tour dates. [21:55]

January 29th, 2001
Here's something I haven't done in a while:
A new mp3 added to the audio section! It's Cornchucker..... :-) [22:40]

January 28th, 2001
Added a little news story about GN'R/Rock In Rio 3.

Added link to a GN'R chat room. [14:00]

January 26th, 2001
Updated links. [20:20]

January 24th, 2001
Old news from KNAC.com, Axl in South America. See news.

Added some Gilby tour dates. [20:35]

January 22nd, 2001
Axl mentioned in Megadeth press release. Check out the news. [19:05]

January 21st, 2001
GN'R to play the Roskilde Festival? See news. [17:15]

January 20th, 2001
Updated tour dates. GN'R are supposed to play in Paris on June 15th at
the Le Zenith. Thanks Olivier.

Read what Les Claypool has to say about Brain and Buckethead playing
with GN'R. [13:00]

January 19th, 2001
Check out KNAC.com's poll. The question they're asking is:
Have you downloaded new Guns N' Roses on the net? Thanks Jirka. [17:30]

January 18th, 2001
Added some news from NME and an article from O Globo. [18:45]

Check out the NY Times review. [11:30]

January 17th, 2001
Added some RIR3 pictures.

Check out this Slash's Snakepit footage @ VirtueTV. [15:30}

Buckethead wannabes and GN'R in Rio. See news. [14:00]

January 16th, 2001
KNAC.com review added. [20:40]

Added reviews from MTV and Reuters.

O Globo has an interview with Axl, but it's in Portuguese.
Check it out here. Thanks Daniel!

You can download a clip of November Rain live at RIR3 from this site.
Thanks Franky! [14:30]

January 15th, 2001
GN'R @ Rock In Rio III!

Review from Allstar. Added some pics. [20:15]

Added RIR3 news and review from NME. [18:40]

Rock In Rio mp3:s are already on Napster.
You can also download songs from here or here. Thanks Remco! [15:45]

The RIR3 show is over. Check out the info/setlist!

Check out a video clip of Welcome To The Jungle here! [7:20]

Constantly updating the Rio setlist. [4:55-]

Listen here (RealAudio).
About four hours left..... [0:45]

January 14th, 2001
GN'R @ Rock In Rio III!

Download The Blues or here.
Thanks to GN'R MP3 Exchange + Franky and smackblood. [23:55]

Check out the list of RIR3 sites. [19:40]

I don't know if the show will be available to non-AOL subscribers. [14:55]

January 13th, 2001
First picture of Axl in Rio. Click here. [17:50]

Added info about possible radio stations broadcasting RIR3 +
local times for the starting time. See news.

Added link to QN's Guns N' Roses Page. [15:20]

January 12th, 2001
Another Vegas mp3. This one's called Rhiad & The Bedouins.
Download here.

Axl/GN'R in Rio news. [1:10]

January 11th, 2001
Stalker arrested again. See news.

GN'R will arrive in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil today. [16:20]

January 10th, 2001
UK tour rumors. See news. [21:40]

Added another Vegas review. Updated setlist.

Check out Heavy.com, they have a Behind The Music That Sucks on GN'R......

Added link to an Italian GN'R site called Right Next Door To Hell. [20:55]

January 9th, 2001
GN'R mention in Manic Street Preachers' news story. See news. [11:45]

January 8th, 2001
GN'R confirms Rock Am Ring show. See news. [12:15]

January 7th, 2001
Added a little RIR3 news story. [13:10]

January 6th, 2001
Added Chinese Democracy lyrics. [15:10]

The first new song from GN'R, Chinese Democracy which is the title track of the new record,
is floating around on the Internet. You can download it here.....

Right now, there are only two songs available from that show. The "studio versions" of new songs
that are available on Napster are fakes!
Thanks again Amit! [13:00]

January 5th, 2001
Here's a really interesting link.
Updated the setlist/show info. :-D
Thanks Amit! [21:15]

Updated the setlist. Thanks to everyone who mailed in corrections. [13:40]

January 4th, 2001
KNAC.com review added.

Check out this cool interview with Slash and Rod Jackson. [1:05]

January 3rd, 2001
Vegas story from Sonicnet. See news.

Another picture. Check out this page over at NME.com.

Added another review, this one's from the NY Times. [19:30]

First picture from the Las Vegas gig. Click here! [14:55]

Added a Vegas news story and a review from Allstar. Both are great!
Updated the setlist. [0:25}

January 2nd, 2001
Here's a Vegas news story from VH1.com. [19:25}

Added Las Vegas review from LA Times. [17:25]

January 1st, 2001
Happy New Year!

Updated Las Vegas setlist. GN'R performed five new songs! [23:15]

Added Las Vegas setlist. Songs may be out of order..... [19:55]

A new layout on the index page. I hope you can find everything.... If you find any broken links etc., please mail me.

Still waiting for those Vegas stories...... [15:15]


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