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September 29th, 2002
Added on-sale dates for Columbus, OH, Auburn Hills, MI and Cleveland, OH. See tour dates. Thanks Timothy25 [14:25]

Tickets for the Moline, IL show go on sale on October 5th at 10AM. [13:55]

September 28th, 2002
The Madison Square Garden show is sold out? Right now, ticketmaster.com can't find any tickets to the show in New York on December 5h. [18:25]

September 27th, 2002
On sale dates for the shows in Minneapolis, MN and Fargo, ND have been added. [19:40]

September 26th, 2002
A little news story from Miss Truth regarding the press release. [22:30]

The radio promotion for the North American tour has started! John from gnrontour.com has put a clip online
and you can download it here. Check it out. Thanks John. [20:30]

Added press release regarding the tour to the news section and a bunch of North American tour dates! [13:25]

The Internet pre-sale starts today (September 26th) at 10:00AM for three of the four shows (Rosemont, Boston and Philadelphia). See tour dates. [1:20]

September 25th, 2002
This was added to gnronline.com.:
Register for the mailing list now to get the pre-sale password for the upcoming tour. [23:00]

Newsstory from MTV.com about the tour. Check out the news section. [21:45]

gnronline.com has now confirmed the four dates announced so far. [20:55]

A special Internet pre-sale for tickets to the Rosemont, IL show starts this Thursday morning at 10.
This pre-sale will be available throught www.wlup.com. Thanks Ali. [19:00]

Added Loaded European tour dates and info on a Japan only Gilby EP from 1995 called Blooze. [15:25]

Added ticket prices to some of the shows. [0:50]

September 24th, 2002
Pollstar.com lists the Philadelphia, PA show and Ticketmaster lists the Rosemont, IL show. [20:35]

Looks like the tour is official. gnronline.com has added a pop up mentioning it.

Added news about rumored Chinese Democracy release dates.

If you wonder what has happened to the old logo, you need to refresh the page.
The page switches randomly between the two logos. :-) [14:25]

Added three rumored US dates to the tour dates. These haven't been officially announced yet. [1:35]

September 23rd, 2002
wbcn.com has changed the Boston date to December 2nd. Thanks Bahad. [22:30]

Another rumored US date: December 6th @ First Union Center in Philadelphia, PA.
Some info can be read here Thanks bill. [18:00].

September 22nd, 2002
Matt is in a allstar band called Camp Freddy. Read about the band here.
Thanks Henrik.

You can download some mp3s from the GN'R show in Tokyo here. Click speakers L...
Thanks Tiago. [15:30]

September 21st, 2002
Another Boston radio station, wbcn.com, is saying the GN'R show is on November 26th.
Thanks Duffman.

Radio stations in the New York area are saying there'll be some kind of tour announcement soon.
Thanks George. [13:25]

Would you like to buy some GN'R photos? Well now you can.
See news on how you can buy some prints of some of Robert John's GN'R photos. [2:00]

September 20th, 2002
Waaf.com is listing GN'R playing at the FleetCenter in Boston on November 7th.
According to them tickets go on sale on Saturday September 28th at 10pm through Ticketmaster.
Thanks Aero. [22:20]

Duff McKagan interview from Classic Rock added to the articles section.

VH1 will be showing a program called No Hit Wonders on the 24th.
This is the same program that has been on MTV and it features some
ex-Gunners. More info here. Thanks Fran. [16:10]

September 18th, 2002
Added a little news story where Lars Ulrich of Metallica talks about Axl. [15:25]

September 17th, 2002
Want to hear Iggy Pop talk about Buckethead? Go here to listen to the interview from 1996.
Thanks Daniel.

Added some links to GN'R BR and Slash's World. [15:00]

September 16th, 2002
Chinese Democracy starts in December? Read about the rumored release date in the news. [13:55]

September 15th, 2002
Added more Gilby tour dates. Thanks Ed. [18:05]

September 14th, 2002
News on the Duff, Matt & Slash project from Rolling Stone. [19:55]

Duff, Matt and Slash are looking for a singer for their band. Interested? Look in news.

There's also information on the VMAs on UK tv and new pics of Axl. [15:05]

September 13th, 2002
If you haven't read enough negative articles on GN'R, here's one form the Boston Globe.
A quote: We've moved on, while Axl still wants to party like it's 1989.
Read it over here. [15:10]

September 12th, 2002
More random news. [1:45]

September 10th, 2002
Added some random news. [15:40]

September 8th, 2002
Added two new mp3s to the audio section. Live And Let Die & Madagascar from the Leeds Festival.
Check them out here. [15:20]

September 7th, 2002
Accoring to snakepit.org, Slash and Matt will not be at the Viper Room on September 11th.
The Viper Room only lists Loaded on their schedule. But you never know if Slash and/or Matt
shows up or not. Thanks Linda. [14:35]

September 5th, 2002
Slash will be part of a Jimi Hendrix tribute on September 7th in San Diego, CA.
It's part of the San Diego Street Scene festival. [13:40]

September 4th, 2002
News about some rumored tour dates and the VMA02 ratings. Read about it in the news. [23:15]

Vote for GN'R's VMA appearance as the most significant music-news development of August at MTV.
Vote here.

CNN.com has a report from the VMAs. Read it at CNN. Thanks Ryan.

GN'R's performance from the VMAs can be downloaded at http://gnr.nu/.
It's about 70 Mb, so it'll take a while to download if you don't have broadband. Thanks Marc. [14:15]

September 3rd, 2002
The fourth annual ACLU of Southern California's eBay Celebrity Memorabilia Auction has just begun!
According to the information, Axl has donated something to the auction. More info here
Thanks Meegan.

Gilby is opening some shows for Alice Cooper. Dates can be found here.
Thanks Pexu. [22:55]

September 2nd, 2002
Spin.com has added stuff from the current issue, The Metal Issue, to their site.

Added lyrics to Gilby's albums. [15:30]

September 1st, 2002
GN'R to play in Chicago in October? More info in the news. [18:10]

Added Pukkelpop ticket and wristband scans to the setlists section. [17:45]

August 31st, 2002
North American tour to start in October? See news. [0:45]

August 30th, 2002
A transcript of the Axl interview from the VMAs added to the articles section. [15:10]

Added two VMA news stories.

Added two pics of Axl from the VMAs.

Scans added to the setlists section (Leeds wristband, London stuff)
+ Buckethead's autograph can be seen here. Thanks AG! [12:25]

They did it! GN'R closed the VMAs with a medley of Welcome To The Jungle / Madagascar / Paradise City.
Axl was interviewed by Kurt Loder right after and said that GN'R are gonna go into the studio and then start an US-leg of the tour. [5:25]

"I wanna see Buckethead! Is he here with Axl?" - Pink on the MTV VMA pre-show. [1:20]

August 29th, 2002
GN'R to close the VMAs? That's what the rumors are saying.

Also news from CDNOW.com regarding Slash's and Perla's baby boy. All can be seen in the news. [22:05]

Duff, Slash and Matt will be appering at the Viper Room on September 11th.
More info in the news section. [19:15]

Slash became a father yesterday. The boy's name is London Emilio Hudson.
Congratulations to the Hudsons. :-)
See news for more.

Added Dough Goldstein's letter in NME to the news. [1:40]

It's that time of the year again. Will GN'R appear at the MTV VMAs or not?
Guess we'll have to suffer through some bad music again to find out.
The VMAs are tonight. [0:55]

August 28th, 2002
Axl's quote from the London gig added to the news story about the album. [1:40]

August 27th, 2002
London setlist added.

Added a little news about the new album. [14:25]

August 26th, 2002
BBC Radio 1 will have a highlights show from Reading (and Leeds?) at 8pm GMT.
No info if this show will feature GN'R or not. The info from the Radio 1 page:
Monday 26th August - 2000-0000 - Lamacq Live Special (highlights)
You can listen to Radio 1 online. [20:15]

Added scans of the Buckethead flyer that was given to people during the
August tour. [16:55]

News from Blabbermouth regarding the Duff, Matt & Slash project. [10:10]

August 25th, 2002
Pukkelpop pics can be seen here. [21:20]

Some mp3s from the last shows are beginning to pop up here and there.

Added some functionality to the articles page. You can now list articles by year.... :) [18:20]

Updated the Pukkelpop setlist. Thanks Daniel.

Added a link to a BBC review of the Leeds show. [14:00]

The Pukkelpop show has finished. [2:15]

Looks like the London show is now SOLD OUT!

Well, there was no live broadcast of the GN'R gig after all (anybody surprised?).

Updating Pukkelpop setlist from the GN'R LiveTicker @ gunsnroses.de. [0:30]

August 24th, 2002
Leeds news story from Ananova added. [19:20]

Added a news story from NME.com regarding the GN'R show at Leeds.

Linked to some reviews. See the setlists section. [17:00]

NME.com had a very "objective" review of the Leeds show....
Here's a quote: "Axl looks as big as a house, complete with bandana
and dreadlock wig befitting a man so ridiculous". Read the rest here.

You can see pics of Axl in London here. Thanks to Juan @ 2TI

You can win 'Welcome To The Jungle' a rock tribute to GN'R at http://www.vip-24.com/
Click the 'Win new releases from Cherry Red' link on the first page for details. Thanks Rob. [14:00]

August 23rd, 2002
Added news about possible GN'R broadcast from Pukkelpop tomorrow. See news for more. [16:40]

August 22nd, 2002
According to weezer.com, Weezer has been announced as the opening act for the London show.
Added it to the news section. [14:05]

August 21st, 2002
Hoobastank asked to open for GN'R? Read about it in the news. [13:50]

News about the two Japanese shows from gnronline.com. Here [1:10]

August 20th, 2002
Metal Sludge has a new "20 Questions with..." This one's GN'R related.
It's with former GN'R manager Vicky Hamilton. Check it out here. [19:55]

August 19th, 2002
Vote for GN'R on Rolling Stone's Top 100 albums.
Thanks gnfnr2k. [13:35]

August 17th, 2002
First version of the Urayasu, Japan setlist. [20:55]

Added pics from Hong Kong.

Slash news. [15:15]

August 16th, 2002
Today is the 25th anniversary of Elvis Presley's death.
As a little tribute, I've added GN'R's version of Heartbreak Hotel to the audio section. [12:55]

Added a new GN'R article from the Florida Times Union. [1:25]

Added tracklisting for Izzy's new album On Down The Road. [0:40]

August 15th, 2002
Typical, my Internet connection decided to malfunction on the same day as GN'R started the tour. :-(

Added news articles about the tour (one of them is the Axl interview).
Go check them out if you haven't already. [12:55]

August 13th, 2002
Good news for those of you who were worried that the August tour would get cancelled.
According to nme.com it will go ahead as planned. See news. [21:40]

Looks like the September tour dates in Korea, Indonesia and Australia have been postponed.
Full story in the news section. [12:15]

August 12th, 2002
On summersonic.com there's a mention that GN'R arrived in Hong Kong today. Thanks Will. [20:00]

According to one of the news stories about the September dates, the album is scheduled
for a November release. [14:10]

Looks like the September tour dates in Korea, Indonesia and Australia have been postponed.
Full story in the news section. [12:15]

August 10th, 2002
Axl is on the cover of the new Spin magazine. This is the issue where Appetite For Destruction
was at number 1 on the Top 40 Metal Albums list.

Added some stuff to the guest performances section of the discography. [13:40]

August 9th, 2002
Total Guitar has a Gilby interview on their site. Read it here. [13:50]

August 6th, 2002
Slash was at number 4 in Total Guitar's greatest player poll. Read about it here. [19:00]

Slash will be at Tower Records in West Hollywood tonight at 7 PM for The Kid Stays In The Picture in-store.
More details in the news section. [13:05]

August 5th, 2002
Touring news. GN'R to tour in Australia and Indonesia? [21:20]

August 3rd, 2002
Hanoi Rocks news with GN'R content.
Also, Loaded in Europe? [17:20]

August 2nd, 2002
Slash will take part in an in-store signing in West Hollywood on August 6th.
More info in the news section. [11:40]

July 31st, 2002
Appetite For Destruction, which was released 15 years ago today in the UK, is at #1 on Spin's Top 40 Metal Albums list.
Read about it in the news section. [11:00]

July 30th, 2002
GN'R is mentioned in a news story about the MTV Video Music Awards. See news. [21:30]

The official GN'R Store is now selling GN'R song books. Check it out here.
Thanks Brian. [16:10]

July 28th, 2002
News about the Strokes "Someday" video with Duff, Matt and Slash in it.
Also, news about a GN'R tribute album. See the news section.

Updated links. [17:50]

July 26th, 2002
Added more Col. Parker lyrics. Thanks Ed. [19:00]

July 24th, 2002
Leeds festival will go ahead at Temple Newsam, SummerSonic TV broadcast info plus AFD mentioned on CNN.
See news. [15:00]

July 23rd, 2002
Happy Birthday Slash!

The SummerSonic website has been updated. It says someting about TV and GN'R.
I don't know if that means that they're going to broadcast the whole show or
clips from it on tv. Thanks NA. [14:30]

July 22nd, 2002
Random news (SummerSonic & GN'R Meetup Day). [12:40]

July 20th, 2002
A little blurb where Offspring talks about GN'R's upcoming shows. See news.

Added some links. [14:20]

July 19th, 2002
News about a Slash in-store appearance in Los Angeles. His version of the Love Theme from the Godfather appears in a movie. See news. [16:50]

July 18th, 2002
Added Hong Kong show info. See tour dates. [19:50]

July 17th, 2002
Added a poll section. Go and vote. [19:30]

London press release added to the news section. Looks like Richard Fortus has replaced Paul.

Updated/added links. [14:05]

July 16th, 2002
Tickets for the London show on August 26th go on sale tomorrow (July 17th). [23:10]

A little news story from NME.com about the London show. [13:25]

July 13th, 2002
Added some links.

Added Gilby tour dates. Thanks skunkson. [15:35]

July 11th, 2002
Added news about the Duff, Matt and Slash project. Manson comments on One In A Million.
See news.

Updated Loaded tour dates. [15:05]

July 9th, 2002
Duff, Matt and Slash rumors added to the news section. [13:35]

July 8th, 2002
Updated some pages... [14:15]

July 5th, 2002
In case you missed it. You can download videos of "It's So Easy" and "Whole Lotta Rosie" featuring
Duff, Matt and Slash over at www.slashonline.com.

Added some Col. Parker lyrics. Thanks Andrea. [14:50]

July 3rd, 2002
Loaded tour news. [14:40]

July 1st, 2002
Added some random news. [20:05]







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