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September 30th, 1999
Added GN'R Fanzines section! [18:35]

Appetite for Reconstruction released / Steven Adler news [18:45]

September 27th, 1999
Small updates here and there..... [20:35]

September 26th, 1999
Updated the New Album page. [13:05]

September 25th, 1999
Linked to Don't Cry. [14:45]

September 24th, 1999
Appetite For Reconstruction news. The release has been delayed.... [19:55]

September 23rd, 1999
Axl speaks!!! [18:40]

September 21st, 1999
Added a link to Think About You. [19:05]

September 20th, 1999
Updated links page. [20:30]

September 19th, 1999
Added a link to Nightrain. [12:25]

September 18th, 1999
Updated the history of GN'R. [15:30]

Posted the rumored release dates for the live album and the EOD soundtrack. [14:05]

September 16th, 1999
Use Your Illusion I & II were released eight years ago today!

This home page has had over 200 000 visits since February 1997.
Thanks to all who have visited and helped me with the pages! [23:15]

Added an article from the August 21st 1999 edition of Kerrang! [00:05]

September 12th, 1999
Now you can download the Oh My God clip from this site too. You can find it here! [19:00]

Added link to Highway To Destruction! [17:30]

September 11th, 1999
Is it Dave Navarro (ex Jane's Addiction & Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist) playing on "Oh My God"?
Check out the news. [00:05]

September 10th, 1999
Check out the news section for a story on the "Oh My God" track. [18:50]

September 9th, 1999
The MTV Video Music Awards are tonight!....

More "Oh My God" news. [18:40]

September 8th, 1999
Removed some links that weren't working.... [19:25]

September 7th, 1999
A new GN'R track will appear in the new Arnold Schwarzenegger movie! Click here! [21:10]

Added a news story on Chris Cornell's comments about Josh Freese, Axl and the GN'R album. [20:10]

Added link to Rock N' Roll Suicide! [19:10]

September 5th, 1999
Added poll results! [14:40]

September 4th, 1999
GN'R album delayed? Read about it in news. [11:50]

September 3rd, 1999
Added link to The Pitifully Predictable GNR Page! [18:30]

September 2nd, 1999
Live album news from Rolling Stone! [23:10]

September 1st, 1999
Added news about a side project which might include Josh Freese on drums....

Updated the new album page [14:00]

August 29th, 1999
Added a new statistics link on the frontpage. [21:50]

August 27th, 1999
Slash news from MTV.

Check out the "Appetite For Reconstruction" tracklist here. [12:40]

August 26th, 1999
More live album news. It's a double album! :-) [23:20]

According to Slash the live album is done! See news for more. [18:00]

Added a link to Guns N' Roses @ Music City.
BTW, the poll is still open! If you feel like it, you can vote here. [01:00]

August 25th, 1999
Brian May/GN'R news, plus Slash playing at Cheap Trick show. See news. [19:30]

Added a link to Guns N' Roses En Castellano [19:10]

August 24th, 1999
GN'R tribute album news! [18:50]

August 23rd, 1999
Here's some news from Metal Edge! [22:40]

August 22nd, 1999
Here's another poll [link removed]! [22:00]

August 16th, 1999
Today it's been eight years since my first (and only) GN'R show.
To celebrate, I added a Message Board! I hope you like it.... [18:20]

August 14th, 1999
GN'R album rumors from Metal Hammer. [20:30]

Added Matt equipment info. [14:25]

August 10th, 1999
Some news about another Slash guest appearance plus Sheryl Crow dedicates song to Axl. [20:40]

August 8th, 1999
GN'R to contribute to "End of Days" soundtrack? Click here! [14:20]

August 5th, 1999
Live Album update! [22:30]

August 4th, 1999
Robin Finck leaves Guns N' Roses! Check the news for more. [20:10]

August 3rd, 1999
Slash's Snakepit album update in the news. [19:25]

Added video info to the history of GN'R part II. [18:50]

August 2nd, 1999
Attention! Some of Slash's guitars were stolen at a break-in at his house. Check the news for more info. [0:20]

July 30th, 1999
Another Slash update. Check the news section. [19:00]

July 29th, 1999
Slash update in the news section. [1:15]

July 28th, 1999
Added FAQ page. [18:50]

July 26th, 1999
More Slash news. The new Snakepit album is awesome according to Slash. [21:40]

Slash arrested, see news. [18:10]

July 25th, 1999
Added Gilby's 99 Live to the discography.

Today's the last day of Woodstock99, let's hope that Slash will appear as
part of the Jimi Hendrix tribute..... [19:25]

July 24th, 1999
Added Can't Hardly Wait Soundtrack to the discography. [14:45]

July 23rd, 1999
Happy Birthday Slash!. [18:20]

July 22nd, 1999
Added link to The Unofficial Uzi Suicide Homepage. [18:20]

July 21st, 1999
Added link to Gunnerz Net. [21:25]

Cleaned up links page..... [1:00]

July 18th, 1999
Added link to In The Jungle. [20:00]

July 15th, 1999
News about the new album. It's supposed to be almost done, the only thing left to record is the vocals..... [19:30]

Put a new article online. It's from Spin, September 1991.

Added a stuff to the history of GN'R.

Linked to The Bootleg Bazaar. [18:00]

July 14th, 1999
Added a link to Guns N' Roses 2000 Newsdesk. [23:15]

July 11th, 1999
Added MOFI 24k Gold Edition CDs to the discography. [20:10]

July 9th, 1999
GN'R Sweet Child O' Mine and live album news. [21:30]

July 4th, 1999
Added GN'R Equipment list. Made some updates here and there..... [19:05]

Axl rented entire studio? Check out the news. [14:00]

July 2nd, 1999
Cleaned up this page...... [22:20]

July 1st, 1999
Added things to the history of GN'R. [12:25]

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