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June 29th, 2001
An Axl interview from RIP April 1989 added to the articles section.

Added three new Snakepit dates. [14:00]

June 27th, 2001
Something's going on over at gnronline.com. You can access the "closed" GN'R forum

by going to the forums section at intercope.com. I'm not sure if registration is working yet.

Thanks to everybody who pointed this out (Joao C., Londrino, Sebastian) [18:40]

June 25th, 2001
Live Era '87-'93 has been certified Platinum by the RIAA (The Recording Industry Association of America)!
Pretty cool since the album didn't receive that much promotion.... [18:15]

June 24th, 2001
Here's some Loaded tour dates in Japan. [19:00]

Updated some things.....

Wintoons.com has a little GN'R toon. See it here. Thanks Misha. [16:30]

June 20th, 2001
Added Loaded Dark Days tracklist. [22:30]

Updated Snakepit tour dates.

Here's a new link to the Axl interview.

Check out this Axl article at salon.com. It's called Axl Rose: American hellhound.
Thanks CockAroach. [16:10]

June 19th, 2001
Updated links. [14:15]

June 18th, 2001
Happy birthday Dizzy!

Direct link to the Axl interview. Thanks Fred.

Added some screen shots from the interview.

According to the Toronto Tribune, the new album will be out
in the middle of August. Thanks Jordan. [17:40]

June 17th, 2001
Updated Snakepit tour dates. [17:35]

June 16th, 2001
NBC4.tv has a video clip of the Axl interview.

Still interested in Rock In Rio 3 video clips?
You can find some at http://reach.to/rockinrio.
Thanks Roel and Alexander. [14:30]

June 15th, 2001
Added a trancript of the interview Axl did on NBC. See news. [18:25]

June 14th, 2001
Apparently Axl was interviewed on L.A. NBC. He was attending the NBA finals. [13:35]

There seems to be a problem with my mail account.
Don't know when it'll be fixed. [12:55]

June 11th, 2001
The new date for the show in Barcelona will probably be in November. Thanks Lol.
Updated tour dates page with ticket links etc. [14:50]

June 9th, 2001
Duff will be playing live with his band Loaded next week.
They'll be in Seattle, WA
at the Sunset on June 16th. Thanks Jeff!

Slash mention over at KNAC:com's review of the Les Paul show last Saturday. [14:25]

June 8th, 2001
Added four new Snakepit tour dates in July.

GN'R mention in this Kid Rock article over at NME.com.
He played a cover of It's So Easy. Thanks Josh. [17:45]

June 6th, 2001
Added some stuff to the history (River, tour cancellation etc.). [14:10]

June 3rd, 2001
Small updates here and there.

Added link to GN'R Unlimited. [18:40]

June 2nd, 2001
Fans from across the world are contributing to a full-page ad in the LA Weekly
to welcome back Axl and the new Guns N' Roses. Click here for more info. [15:40]

June 1st, 2001
Slash news article from Sonicnet. [11:40]

May 31st, 2001
A Finnish date has been added to the tour!
December 9th Helsinki, Finland at the Hartwall Areena. That's what NME.com says.
Thanks Tero!

Added news story from Billboard. [18:40]

May 30th, 2001
GN'R and Slash's Snakepit tour news from Allstar. [22:40]

News story about the European tour from Sonicnet. [12:10]

May 29th, 2001
Even more new dates:
Glasgow Tuesday June 12th -> Sunday December 16th
Manchester Wednesday June 13th -> Tuesday December 18th
Thanks Ana.

Added links to Remco's Guns N' Roses Page and Backdoor Shinanigans. [23:30]

More new dates:
London June 10th -> Friday December 14th
Birmingham June 14th -> Wednesday December 19th
Arnhem June 23rd -> Sunday December 2nd

Thanks to Ana, Carline, Johan and Marijke. [20:30]

New date for the London show on June 9th.
It's rescheduled for Thursday 13th of December.

Tickets for the June 9th show are valid on the rescheduled date.
Thanks Rob! [15:00]

May 28th, 2001
Buckethead update.
This was posted on the Message board @ Bucketheadland.com by the Admin.

Herbie tells me that Buckethead is getting better, but that he's not going to be performing live anytime soon.

Herbie also wanted everyone to know that Buckethead appreciates everyone's concern. [19:25]

New dates for the Oslo and Stockholm shows from EMA Telstar!
Oslo December 5th, Stockholm December 7th. If you have bought tickets for the
original dates these will be valid on the new dates. [16:55]

May 27th, 2001
Added a new GN'R article from Q Magazine. [20:50]

May 26th, 2001
Added Slash's Snakepit June tour dates! Plus Slash will be at the Greek Theater
in Los Angeles on June 1st. See tour dates. [18:00]

May 25th, 2001
A couple of GN'R related articles to watch out for:
This month's issue of Q Magazine has a GN'R article.

The current or next issue of the French magazine, Hard Rock has an interview with Izzy. [18:10]

May 23rd, 2001
The Dutch GN'R show that was supposed to happen on June 23rd has been postponed.
The new date is rumored to be November 15th. Thanks Harold and Ruud.

Check out this Slash interview @ Steppin' Out Magazine. Thanks Daniel. [12:40]

May 22nd, 2001
The Oslo, Norway show is still on too, just like the one in Stockholm, Sweden.
You can't get refunds for your ticket(s) yet since the cancelation isn't official.
Thanks Øystein of Norway. [18:05]

May 21st, 2001
According to the Swedish promoter EMA Telstar the GN'R show at the Globe is still on.
If the status of the show changes it'll be announced on their site.

Maybe they haven't got any official word from GN'R yet? Strange....

Added link to 1000 GNR Illusions.

BTW, Izzy's new album was released today (in Europe). [18:50]

May 20th, 2001
There was a small GN'R mention in yesterday's Aftonbladet (the biggest newspaper here in Sweden).
The story said that GN'R's show in Stockholm would go ahead as planned. I have no idea how
reliable this is. I find it a little strange..... They've cancelled the gig at the Roskilde Festival (which is a couple
of days after the Swedish show), but would play in Stockholm?

Izzy's new album River is released tomorrow in Europe. [20:40]

May 19th, 2001
Added a Duff guest appearance to the discography. He plays drums on Mark Lanegan's latest album
Field Songs. The song's called Fix.

Vote for Slash at the 1st Annual Metal Sludge Celebrity Sludgematch Tournament! Vote here! [13:30]

May 18th, 2001
Axl and Alanis Morisette news from Ain't It Cool News. Maybe you've heard the rumor
that they'd do a cover of a Led Zeppelin song for a soundtrack. That's just a rumor! See
the story.

Added links to Slash's Snakepit Italian unofficial fan site - THE PIT and
Crazy Guns - The Ultimate Tribute To GN'R (a tribute band). [20:00]

May 17th, 2001
Axl "news" from Allstar/Miss Truth. [13:30]

May 16th, 2001
Vote for Slash at the 1st Annual Metal Sludge Celebrity Sludgematch Tournament! Vote here! [19:35]

May 15th, 2001
Roskilde Festival announcement regarding GN'R. See news.
It says that GN'R has cancelled all festival dates and are considering moving all headlining shows
to the end of the year. [18:05]

May 14th, 2001
Still no official word on the tour. Gnronline.com still has the tour dates listed.

Added link to GN'R Download. [16:20]

May 11th, 2001
Metal Hammer article about the European tour.

Added some Axl mentions plus link to The Cult pre-sale info. Check it out here. [16:15]

Here's more news stories about the tour.
These are from Bilboard and Allstar's Miss Truth section.
According to Billboard's sources the tour is "all on as of right now." [12:35]

May 10th, 2001
Get well soon Buckethead!

More news stories. From Sonicnet and Allstar. [20:40]

Update on the tour. See news. [16:10]

According to the Rock Am Ring website the European tour has been cancelled. :-(

Haven't seen it mentioned anywhere else (yet). [15:30]

May 8th, 2001
Would you like to see GN'R Action figures?
Check out the GN'R Figure Project. [19:35]

May 6th, 2001
Buckethead will release a new album on June 5th called Somewhere Over The Slaughterhouse.
Thanks Bruno.

Added Slash's Snakepit stuff to the discography.
Thanks again Daniel. [16:55]

May 4th, 2001
Rock Am Ring broadcast news.

Added stuff to the discography. Thanks Daniel.

Added link to Belgian Democracy. [19:30]

May 3rd, 2001
Added some direction links to the tour dates.

Some of you might have noticed that when you access this site a lot of pop-ups appear.
This seems to be something tsx.org decided to add to their service.

Instead of gnr.tsx.org, try gnr.n3.net. That one seems to be pop-up free. [15:10]

May 2nd, 2001
GN'R Live Era songbook details. Check out the news. [14:00]

April 30th, 2001
Apparently a German tv-show called Rockpalast will be broadcasting from Rock Am Ring. [15:35]

Associated Press has a Slash interview and you can read it over at Foxnews.com.
Thanks Eon!

Added some links (Buckethead and Robin Finck) [14:50]

April 28th, 2001
GN'R mentions in a couple of articles. See news. [13:10]

April 27th, 2001
GN'R mentioned in Ozzfest news article. [14:30]

April 25th, 2001
Added a little Chris Pittman bio. [14:50]

April 24th, 2001
GN'R/Doug Goldstein news. [23:40]

News about Gilby's new albums.

Updated links (again). Thanks Patrick! [15:00]

April 22nd, 2001
Updated links. [15:10]

April 19th, 2001
Added some (older) news about Gilby and Matt/The Cult.

Added some Gilby tour dates. [22:50]

April 17th, 2001
There are about 2000 (of 11000) tickets left to the show in Stockholm, Sweden. [20:10]

April 16th, 2001
London#2 sold out?

Buckethead will play a solo show on April 20th in San Francisco @ The Maritime Hall.

Added a Don't Cry picture LP to the discography. [13:45]

April 14th, 2001
The Dutch show on June 23rd is Sold Out!
Thanks Luke and Fernand. [15:55]

April 12th, 2001
Added link to Alex000's Guns N' Roses site. [21:05]

April 9th, 2001
Added ticket info to the Spanish shows. Thanks Dani! [12:45]

April 8th, 2001
Happy Birthday Izzy! [14:00]

April 6th, 2001
Added scans from Izzy's forthcoming album!

Added link to Guns N' Roses / Slash's Snakepit Fan Site. [11:25]

April 5th, 2001
Added a link to a place that sell tickets to the Heineken Jammin Festival. See tour dates. [12:15]

April 4th, 2001
News on Izzy Stradlin's new album See news. [14:15]

April 1st, 2001
Misc. news stories (Jammin' Festival, GN'R mention, opening band in Spain?). [19:45]



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