What's New?

June 29th, 1999
Added Gilby tour dates. [0:50]

June 26th, 1999
Added stuff to the history. [21:50]

June 25th, 1999
Added an article from Kerrang! April 1990. It's an interview with Axl. [01:00]

June 22nd, 1999
Duff news! He's getting married. [21:10]

June 21st, 1999
Added a link to Bad Apples. [21:45]

June 20th, 1999
Updated the New Album page. [14:00]

June 18th, 1999
Happy Birthday Dizzy! See news. [18:30]

Updated some pages....[23:50]

Added a link to GNR Mp3 Warehouse. [0:55]

June 16th, 1999
Updated the New Album page. [12:20]

June 15th, 1999
Added a link to Stay In The Illusions. [12:05]

June 13th, 1999
Added a link to Matt's Guns N' Roses Page. [20:50]

June 12th, 1999
Live Album news. It'll be mixed by Andy Wallace. [14:10]

Added a Duff article from Hard Force Magazine June 1999.[13:25]

June 9th, 1999
Added a Slash article from Guitar World May 1999.[21:45]

June 8th, 1999
Slash and Duff news.[21:05]

Moby Offers Advice To Guns N' Roses. See news [21:15]

June 6th, 1999
Added lots of stuff to the history.[23:20]

June 3rd, 1999
New album out this fall? Check out the news section.[20:15]

June 2nd, 1999
Cleaned up the news section. [20:40]

Some small updates....[01:20]

May 31st, 1999
Just some small updates....[18:00]

More on the Axl cover story. This is from Spin. See news. [13:50]

May 30th, 1999
The poll has ended. View the results here.

May 29th, 1999
Added a link to Rat's Guns N' Roses Site.

May 27th, 1999
More news on the Axl cover story in Spin.

The live album by Loaded can be ordered from the Official Duff McKagan Site.

Added rumored album titles to the New Album page.

May 26th, 1999
Slash news.
Sonicnet has also reported that a new GN'R song might be featured in Heavy Metal F.A.K.K. 2

May 25th, 1999
Axl/GN'R to contribute a new song to a movie?

New album rumors....

Axl to be featured in Spin.

See news for more.

May 24th, 1999
Josh Freese confirmed as the drummer. Check out the news.

May 23rd, 1999
Added a poll!
Go and vote, the closing date is May 30th.

May 19th, 1999
Slash to appear at Michael Jackson's benefit concerts? See news.

May 18th, 1999
In this month's issue of Metal Edge they say that the next GN'R album
might be a live album recorded during the Use Your Illusion tour. (Thanks Edgar!)

Here Today... Gone To Hell! was reviewed in the latest issue of
InternetWorld (a Swedish magazine).

The site got a 7 out of 10.

May 14th, 1999
Duff tour dates !

Axl to contribute to a soundtrack? See news.

May 13th, 1999
Just some small updates here and there.....
Added a link to The Rocket Queens.

May 9th, 1999
The "Les Paul And Friends" show has been cancelled.

May 8th, 1999
Matt is not going to replace Tommy Lee in Motley Crue. See news.

May 3rd, 1999
Slash will be appearing at the House of Blues on Sunset Blvd in L.A. on May 22nd.
It's the "Les Paul And Friends" show.

Added a link to Duff McKagan Fan Site .

May 1st, 1999
A new front page. I hope you like it.
If you have any comments on it, just mail me

Added a page with info on the sideprojects and other related bands.

April 30th, 1999
The Cult, with Matt Sorum on drums, will be performing at the Tibetan Freedom Concert.

Matt to join Motley Crue? Check out the news.

April 29th, 1999
More news on the Neurotic Outsiders show last Monday.

April 28th, 1999
Added Heartbreak Hotel mp3.

Sporty Spice joins Neurotic Outsiders onstage at the Viper Room. See news for more.

April 23rd, 1999
News about the MP3 Exclusive.

April 19th, 1999
Added "Used To Love Her" mp3.

April 18th, 1999
Updated some links.

April 13th, 1999
Sad Duff news. His mother passed away last week.

April 11th, 1999
Updated Slash tour dates.

April 9th, 1999
Chances of GN'R playing Woodstock 99 are "50/50". See news.
Added a new Duff article from Hit Parader May 1999.
Linked to The Tableture Incident.

April 8th, 1999
Another Slash Tour date in Florida. He'll be in Lake Buena Vista on the 2nd of May.
Added some stuff in the personal profiles.... Happy birthday Izzy!

April 6th, 1999
Matt reunites with the Cult. More in news.

April 4th, 1999
No GN'R at Woodstock? More Woodstock rumors in news.

April 3rd, 1999
Lots of updates today....

Added even more Slash tour dates.
Duff news from the Official Site.
Added a Loaded page and a Snakepit page.

April 2nd, 1999
Added more Slash tour dates.
GN'R to play Woodstock 99? See news.

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