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June 30th, 2000
Slash's new record label is Koch Records. See the news section. [13:25]

June 29th, 2000
Duff guest appearance on the new Presidents album. See news. [14:50]

June 27th, 2000
Rolling Stone news story on Axl & Gilby.
Some photos from the gig can be seen here.

Added a link to Guns N' Roses Collection. [11:10]

June 26th, 2000
Some news stories on GN'R and Duff. [12:10]

June 24th, 2000
Axl jams with Gilby! Check out the news. [13:20]

June 20th, 2000
Added a new Slash article from Kerrang! Plus news on the Axl stalker trial. [18:50]

June 18th, 2000
Added some guest appearances to the discography. [19:00]

June 13th, 2000
Axl vs Slash on Celebrity Deathmatch and Axl in RS. See news. [11:10]

June 10th, 2000
Added some lyrics to Izzy's albums. [16:40]

June 7th, 2000
Slash was on the Howard Stern Show today. See the news. [19:10]

June 6th, 2000
Live Era transcription book news. [19:20]

June 4th, 2000
Added a guest appearances section to the discography. [20:50]

June 1st, 2000
Axl to testify in stalker trial? See news.

November Rain was at #21, Don't Cry was at #63 and You Could Be Mine was at #74
on Finnish radiostation Radiomafia's Top 100 of the 90s. [15:05]

May 31st, 2000
GN'R Tour rumors. [23:45]

Random newsstories (Slash records with Rod Stewart?, Snakepit single and GN'R in KNAC.com poll). [17:20]

May 27th, 2000
Slash's Snakepit's Ain't Life Grand might be released in August.
The exact date and recordlabel are unknown at the moment. [17:25]

May 26th, 2000
Updated links. [13:15]

May 24th, 2000
Guitarist Says GN'R Album Is Still in Limbo. More in the news section. [07:25]

May 20th, 2000
The GN'R/Axl/NIN connection. Check out the news. [15:15]

May 18th, 2000
Woman allegedly stalked Axl Rose. See news. [19:40]

May 15th, 2000
Added a link to Facecovered Guns N' Roses Page. [18:40]

May 10th, 2000
Brian May talks about Axl/GN'R. See news. [18:00]

May 9th, 2000
If you're interested in hearing Stevie Salas (the guitarist who jammed with GN'R back in
January) talking about GN'R, go to GN'R Intentional Illusions and listen. [19:00]

May 7th, 2000
Added a link to Delusions And Illusions. [12:20]

May 2nd, 2000
Slash/Rated X news

Updated some links. [18:00]

April 29th, 2000
Axl Records With Queen Producer. See news. [14:15]

April 25th, 2000
Updated info on Gilby Clarke's shows in Argentina. [18:55]

April 24th, 2000
News on Robin Finck and info on the GN'R related chats over at Yahoo! [19:35]

Redesigned the albums page. [00:45]

April 22nd, 2000
If you missed the GN'R chat last Tuesday, don't worry. There'll be more chats over at Yahoo!
More info here. (Choose Calendar in the menu). [20:15]

April 19th, 2000
News on a new Axl article in Rolling Stone. [19:15]

April 16th, 2000
Chat with other GN'R fans this Tuesday. Click here for details. [19:10]

Updated some pages, redesigned others. [01:30]

April 13th, 2000
Robin Finck mentions working with Axl in interview. See the news section. [18:00]

April 12th, 2000
Added link to Björn's Guns N' Roses Page. [18:10]

April 10th, 2000
Maynard James Keenan in Much Ado About Nothing: "I'm turning into Axl!"
More in the news section. [18:00]

April 9th, 2000
Matt Sorum news. [21:00]

April 8th, 2000
Happy birthday Izzy! [21:00]

April 7th, 2000
Added ItalianGNR to mailinglists page. [18:00]

April 5th, 2000
Added a link to Guns N' Roses Back. [21:35]

April 2nd, 2000
Gilby's show in Helsinki has been canceled, GN'R nominated for a TMF award and
news on the new GN'R tribute album. Click here. [13:55]


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