Guns N' Roses: Tour diary 2002

This tour diary is written by a member of the GN'R tour management crew.

They're posted as I receive them, the only thing I've added is the date and place at the top.

November 28th - December 1st, Canada & Boston  


Papparazi somehow found out that the members of GNR and their road crew were going to celebrate Thanksgiving at the Centro Bar & Grill in Toronto. After dinner Axl and longtime GNR associate, Del James, were spotted at the 721 club, a notorious afterhours establishment where everyone entering is frisked for guns. Axl smoked cigars, drank, and chatted with the locals until 5am. Not too bad considering he had a sold out concert at the Air Canada Centre the next day.

An unofficial rumor going around is that a new building record for merchandise as well as a record for the amount beer sold was set the night of GNR's performance in Toronto. One thing is certain, by the time GNR went onstage all of the beer in the Air Canada Centre had been sold and drank. The lively crowd was on their feet for a solid two hours from the opening notes of "Welcome To the Jungle" until the final strands of "Paradise City." Sporting a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey in a building where hockey borders religion, Axl addressed the Montreal riot of '92 as well as the recent cancellation in Vancouver. Guns N' Roses performed an amazing set that included three new songs.

Two days later in Boston, Dizzy Reed and Robin Finck were spotted at the Fleet Center at a Boston Celtics vs New Orleans Hortnets basketball game. Before the opening tip off, the crowd was getting pumped up for action as "Welcome To The Jungle" played over the PA system.

  Thanks Melissa