What's New?

December 21, 1997
Here's a little Christmas present for you.
A new
mp3! It's November Rain (guitar version).

December 19, 1997
Updated the new album page.

Happy holidays! :)

December 8, 1997
A lot of people have asked about the story which the November Rain
video is based on. Here's a little info.

If you wonder why I haven't updated the pages regularly,
the answer is, I've moved. I don't have a computer at my place,
so that's why the updates seem to be a bit slow....

November 29, 1997
Matt Sorum news.

November 26, 1997
Some news about Slash's Snakepit and GN'R.

November 15, 1997
Just a few updates here and there (lyrics and stuff like that)....
Sorry for not updating in a while, been very busy.

November 6, 1997
Slash at the MTV Europe Music Awards.

November 1, 1997
Little updates here and there.....

October 26, 1997
Here Today... Gone To Hell! has been online for one year!
Thanks to everybody who have visited this site during the first year.
I'd also like to thank all the people who've sent me comments/suggestions
by e-mail. Your comments are always welcome.

Dave Abbruzzese did an AOL chat where he confirmed that he got together
with Axl. More here!.

October 18, 1997
Slash will appear at the MTV Europe Music Awards
on the 6th of November. See news page for more info.

October 17, 1997
Updated the links page.

October 10, 1997
Added stuff in the history.

September 30, 1997
Updated the links page!

September 28, 1997
Check out the audio page!

September 21, 1997
Added a new article. It's an interview with Duff. It's from File and it was made by Bob Mackin.
Also redid the facts page and the misc texts page.
Updated the Next Album page.

September 20, 1997
Added news about Slash's appearance at the Gibson party in Stockholm!

September 16, 1997
Use Your Illusion I & II were released six years ago!

September 13, 1997
Many of you might wonder why there hasn't been any new mp3s online,
well first there was the summer. I didn't want to put up new songs during the summer,
because I know that many of you haven't net access during the summer. Second, I decided
to wait until school started, so I could get my net access from school (which I'm still waiting for...).
So, there's going to be new songs online! But right now I don't have a date for it.
Please have a little more patience...

September 8, 1997
Changed the mIRC Now! icon. mIRC 5.1 has been released!

August 30, 1997
Added information about Duff's previous bands in the history and facts pages.

August 24, 1997
Added a link to Martin's GN'R Page.

August 21, 1997
Just some minor changes.

August 16, 1997
Added excerpts from a Slash interview. It's taken from Folha De Sao Paulo Journal.
Click here!
Thanks to Andre for translating, typing and sending it!
Six years ago I saw GN'R and Skid Row in Stockholm! :)

August 7, 1997
Added info about two interview discs in the discography.
Thanks to Cobain72@aol.com for the info!

August 3, 1997
Changed the name of the Rolling Stone article from April 1995.

July 31, 1997
Happy 10th Birthday "Appetite For Destruction"!
Added a new article from Rolling Stone April 1995.
Thanks to Kate Montgomery for typing and sending it!

July 28, 1997
Attention Swedish GN'R fans! GN'R on P3 (= Swedish radio station) Click here!

July 23, 1997
Happy Birthday Slash!

July 21, 1997
Gilby Clarke album press release!

July 17, 1997
Gilby Clarke news!

July 13, 1997
Chris Vrenna news!
Updated the next album page.

July 11, 1997
Added Slash news!

July 10, 1997
Added a page with info on the next album!

July 4, 1997
More news on Matt. Did more minor changes here and there.
Added a mp3-feedback page.

June 28, 1997
News on Matt. Did some minor changes here and there.

June 22, 1997
New logo and frontpage. Added two new mp3s.

June 14, 1997
A little update in the Discography. Appetite For Collection.
Thanks to Cobain72@aol.com for the additional info!

June 1, 1997
Sad news about West Arkeen. Updated the links page.

May 23, 1997
News on the next album.

May 19, 1997
Added some stuff in the GN'R Q&A.

May 13, 1997
News on Duff N' Matt in Vancouver! Here!

May 11, 1997
News on Gilby's new album.
Made some changes in the facts pages.

May 4, 1997
Some minor changes.

May 1, 1997
Rumors, rumors and more rumors! Click here!

April 28, 1997
Added a guestbook!

April 26, 1997
Added a link to Welcome To The Jungle.

April 20, 1997
More news on Chris Vrenna, Robin Finck and Gilby Clarke.

April 19, 1997
Added Neurotic Outsiders lyrics!

April 11, 1997
More news on Chris Vrenna.

April 10, 1997
More news on Matt Sorum, Chris Vrenna and GN'R.

April 9, 1997
More news on Chris Vrenna and GN'R.
Added stuff to the GN'R history.

April 4, 1997
This has been a quite busy day!
More news on the new album. Is Matt out?

Added a new mp3, it's a song called "Cornchucker" and you can check it out by going here!
Now you can access my pages by typing this simple URL: http://gnr.home.ml.org.
I also added a GN'R Q&A page with various questions and answers.
You can find it by clicking here!
Redid the news page!

March 26, 1997
Added GN'R's version of Jumping Jack Flash to the audio section!
Currently there's two songs online.

March 19, 1997
More news on Moby and GN'R. Check it out!

March 18, 1997
Added news about Moby producing the next album.

March 17, 1997
Added a feedback page and a new picture in the pictures section.

March 9, 1997
Joined the GN'R Webring and added a new mp3 in the audio section.

February 28, 1997
Added new graphics and updated TSI? lyrics.

February 21, 1997
Added a page about GN'R & IRC.

February 13, 1997
Added some stuff in the audio section and changed a couple of things.

February 8, 1997
Added audio section with a mp3-file!

February 3, 1997
Added pictures!

February 3, 1997
More Slash news and new stuff in the history of GN'R.

January 30, 1997
Axl news.

January 24, 1997
Added zip-files and added stuff in the History of GN'R.

January 13, 1997
More Slash news and a new article from Metal Hammer July, 1996.

January 12, 1997
Slash news and changed links page.

January 6, 1997
Added zipped lyrics and new URL to Duff McKagan: Online.

January 2, 1997
Added Slash interview from Kerrang! 218 December 17, 1988.

January 1, 1997
Added new graphics + discography.

If you want to see the updates in 1996 click here!