What's New?

May 21, 1998
Added a link to the W. Axl Rose Website.

May 17, 1998
Small updates here and there.

May 9, 1998
Updated the IRC page.

May 1, 1998
Rumors say that Tommy Stinson is joining GN'R.
Updated the new album page.

April 26, 1998
Updated the frontpage, added a top GN'R site icon.

April 25, 1998
Just some small updates.... Added a new guestbook.

April 22, 1998
Axl and Steven Adler news.
Added a link to Failure 2 Communicate.

April 12, 1998
Wanted info on GN'R shows!
Do you have setlists/notes/info for any GN'R shows?
Click here! for more info.

April 4, 1998
Duff McKagan news.

March 28, 1998
Ten Minute Warning news.

March 18, 1998
Updated the links page + other small updates here and there...

March 13, 1998
Updated the history of GN'R.

March 10, 1998
Izzy Stradlin's 117° released. Go get it!

March 7, 1998
Musical news and Chris Weber lawsuit news.

March 6, 1998
Josh Freese joins GN'R? More in the news section.

March 4, 1998
Axl mentioned in Marilyn Manson's Long Hard Road Out Of Hell.

February 20, 1998
GN'R news from Rolling Stone.

February 12, 1998
Axl arrested.

February 8, 1998
Axl sued by Chris Weber!
More in news.

February 5 & 6, 1998
Happy Birthday Duff and Axl!

February 4, 1998
News on Steven Adler's book

February 3, 1998
No news.... :(

January 21, 1998
A new Izzy Stradlin album will be released in March!
Click here for more.

January 18, 1998
Sorry for not updating in a while....
Been very busy and there's really nothing new to report... :(

January 5, 1998
Added a new article.
It's from 1993 and it was published in the Swedish magazine Okej.
Updated the new album page.

January 2, 1998
Happy New year!
Let's hope that we get a new GN'R album this year.....
Added a link to GN'R Bar.
Duff news!

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