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March 30th, 2000
Added some Gilby Clarke tour dates. [19:25]

March 28th, 2000
Another Josh Freese news story. [18:25]

March 26th, 2000
Updated some links. [20:00]

March 25th, 2000
Josh Freese news from NME. [12:30]

March 22nd, 2000
Slash made it onto Melody Maker's Top 20 Hellraisers list. Check out the news. [23:10]

March 19th, 2000
Brian May on Axl/GN'R. See news. [21:30]

March 18th, 2000
Another GN'R/Buckethead story in the news section. [13:15]

March 15th, 2000
More news on Josh Freese/GN'R. [19:10]

March 14th, 2000
Josh Freese leaves GN'R?! See news. [21:45]

Rose Tattoo's Peter Wells talks about GN'R. See news. [18:25]

March 13th, 2000
Added a link to Ashleigh's Guns N' Roses Page. [18:00]

March 12th, 2000
Some older Slash news. [20:05]

March 10th, 2000
Josh Freese's sideproject, A Perfect Circle, will be opening for Nine Inch Nails on their US Tour this spring. [19:15]

March 8th, 2000
It's been confirmed that Brian May did record some tracks with Axl. See news for more. [19:15]

March 7th, 2000
The new Slash's Snakepit album won't be out in a while. Read about it in the news section. [18:15]

March 6th, 2000
Added a link to the Izzy Stradlin Fanpage. [22:00]

March 5th, 2000
Updates here and there. [14:55]

March 4th, 2000
News on a new GN'R tribute album. [14:25]

March 2nd, 2000
Duff will join Izzy on his Japanese tour! [00:25]

March 1st, 2000
Some news on Appetite For Destruction sales in 1999. [19:15]

February 28th, 2000
Slash DJ's online for At Work Radio on Vh1.com! Today at 6pm (est). Click here! [22:10]

February 27th, 2000
Added a new Slash article from FHM.

Gilby Clarke March Tour dates. [14:25]

February 24th, 2000
Izzy Stradlin Japanese Tour dates.

Sheryl Crow won a Grammy Award in the Best Female Rock Vocal Performance category
for her version of GN'R's Sweet Child O' Mine. [18:40]

February 19th, 2000
GN'R Drummer, Wallflowers Guitarist Collaborate. See news. [13:45]

February 18th, 2000
Added some soundtracks to the discography. [18:50]

February 13th, 2000
GN'R mention in NME and news on Mark Lanegan's new album featuring Duff. See news.
Added a Gilby tour date. It's in Finland. [14:10]

February 10th, 2000
Reopened the WWWBoard. Read the rules! [18:30]

February 7th, 2000
Added a link to Nice Boys Don't Play Rock N' Roll. [22:10]

February 6th, 2000
Happy birthday Axl Rose!

Another reminder to vote for Welcome To The Jungle on MTV's TRL. [15:20]

February 5th, 2000
Happy birthday Duff McKagan!

Remember to vote for Welcome To The Jungle on MTV's TRL as a birthday gift to Axl and Duff.
More info here! [14:10]

February 2nd, 2000
Guitarist Stevie Salas jams with GN'R. See news! [18:50]

February 1st, 2000
Vote for Welcome To The Jungle on MTV's TRL as a birthday gift to Axl and Duff.
Read more about how to do it here! [22:15]

January 30th, 2000
Updated the links and New Album page. [15:30]

January 27th, 2000
Slash appearance at NAMM, see news. [18:00]

January 24th, 2000
Passagen had some hardware problems yesterday. It seems to be OK now.... [19:10]

January 22nd, 2000
Some updates here and there..... [16:00]

January 20th, 2000
Added a GN'R article from NME, December 1999. [18:20]

January 19th, 2000
Axl Rose Gives Kudos To knac.com. See news! [18:00]

Listen to Slash on VH1.com's At Work Radio Station today at 2:00pm EST. [13:30]

January 18th, 2000
Added link to Bitch Slap Rappin' And Your Cocaine Tongue. [18:40]

January 17th, 2000
Here's the new Axl interview from Rolling Stone. [18:00]

January 16th, 2000
Added some pictures.
Added stuff in the history. [14:55]

January 15th, 2000
Added link to Guns N' Roses!! - November Rain Homepage. [14:30]

January 12th, 2000
More Axl news! This time it's from Sonicnet. [19:40]

January 11th, 2000
Axl news! There's a new Axl interview in the new Rolling Stone. [22:00]

January 9th, 2000
Added some cd covers. Small updates.... [20:10]

January 8th, 2000
Added link to GN'R Reminisce. [15:40]

January 7th, 2000
Added End Of Days soundtrack to the discography. [19:35]

January 5th, 2000
Josh Freese sideproject news and more on the Big F D lawsuit. Check out the news. [18:55]

January 4th, 2000
Big F D Files Lawsuit Against Slash and Duff. Slash at America's Millennium Gala.
See news. [21:40]

January 2nd, 2000
Some updates in the history. [15:50]

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