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March 31st, 2002
Gilby Clarke article from Guitar Player April 2002 added.

www.gnr.com.ar has posted some new pics from the New Year's Eve show.
Click here. [17:35]

March 29th, 2002
Great news for everyone who likes tribute albums....
Deadline Records are releasing a GN'R tribute album in April. See news. [13:55]

March 26th, 2002
Interesting GN'R "news" from Classic Rock magazine. ;-) [23:00]

March 25th, 2002
Bucketheadland.com has a contest where you can win one of his guitars!
But it's only for children up to the age of 13. Click here for details. Thanks Fernand.

If you like to read GN'R fanzines, you might like to know that issue #7 of
the Nightrain fanzine is out now! [15:00]

March 23rd, 2002
Two new mp3s added to the audio page Mr. Brownstone and Move To The City.
Both are live and acoustic. [18:15]

March 20th, 2002
Added an article from 2000. It's From Rolling Stone and it's called
What Happened To Axl Rose. [12:25]

March 19th, 2002
Updated Gilby's UK dates. The tour starts on April 2nd in Newcastle.
Thanks Daniel. [18:25]

A little clarification on the Robin interview. It wasn't done in New Hampshire,
it was done in Los Angeles.

Gilby Clarke US tour dates in April. [13:50]

March 18th, 2002
Robin was interviewed by a radio station and Randy caught it on
Rock 101 in New Hampshire. Apparently Robin said that the album would
be out this year and that he's worked on some new NIN material with Trent Reznor.
Thanks Randy. [15:15]

March 17th, 2002
Not much happening in the GN'R world right now.

Join us on the Here Today.. Gone To Hell! Message Board!

Seems like Loaded are coming to Europe this summer. No official
dates have been announced yet. [17:45]

March 11th, 2002
Brain on TechTV. The show will be shown today and on Thursday.
Click here for more info. [14:15]

March 7th, 2002
GN'R news from Kerrang! magazine. [14:00]

March 5th, 2002
Added a link to Guns N' Roses Fans. [0:30]

March 4th, 2002
Slash talking about money. Read it here.
Thanks smackblood. [18:35]

March 3rd, 2002
Updated the links section. [17:25]

February 28th, 2002
GN'R will be on MTV2 (US) on Sat 2nd at 12:00 PM and on Fri 8th at 3:00 PM.
It's an old interview and they're also going to play a bunch of GN'R videos.
Thanks Edward.

It looks like Slash won't join the supergroup. He has his own projects going.
Thanks Linda & Tracy. [13:45]

February 26th, 2002
I received an e-mail saying that there'll be some new items on sale at the new official
GN'R online store soon. For example baseball jerseys, beanies, hockey jerseys,
cd's, videos, etc. So it might be a good idea to keep an eye on merch.com/gnr. [18:30]

February 23rd, 2002
Another update on the Supergroup. According to MTV, Slash will get demos
of the two songs recorded on Monday and then decide if he'll join.
Read the full story here. [17:10]

According to snakepit.org, Slash hasn't joined Sammy Hagar's supergroup.
He hasn't decided whether he'll join the group or not and he hasn't recorded
anything with them. [12:50]

Buy official GN'R merchandise from the Vegas shows. Here. [0:25]

February 22nd, 2002
Slash joins supergroup? Check out KNAC.com for the story. [13:50]

February 21st, 2002
Great news for us Europeans!

Loaded's Dark Days will be released here in June. [15:20]

February 20th, 2002
Small updates....

It's 20020220 20:02! :-) [20:02]

February 19th, 2002
Added links to a Korean site called GN'R Truths and
UZISUICIDE's One In A Million Concert Videos

It's not too late to join the discussions over at the Message Board. [14:15]

February 15th, 2002
Loaded will be playing at the I-Spy in Seattle tomorrow (16th).
Tickets are $8 [18:30]

There's a Gilby contest over at The Darkest Hours. Check it out.

Added a link to a site in Portuguese called Guns N' Fuckin' Era. [12:55]

February 12th, 2002
Has the producer Roy Thomas Baker been fired? See news. [13:45]

February 11th, 2002
As you may know the Winter Olympics are under way in Salt Lake City, Utah.
American Kelly Clark won the women's snowboarding halfpipe on Sunday. Her
choice of music was really cool, it was Welcome To The Jungle!
Thanks Richard. [18:25]

Added a link to Gunnertemple. [14:35]

February 10th, 2002
Updated Gilby's tour dates. [14:35]

February 9th, 2002
Here's Loaded's setlist from last night.

Added Gilby UK tour dates. [13:55]

February 7th, 2002
MTV has a poll on what Axl should do next.
Check it out here. [11:35]

February 6th, 2002
Happy Birthday Axl! He turns 40 today. [13:45]

February 5th, 2002
Happy Birthday Duff!

Duff related news. Loaded's Seattle Head video should be up on their site
in a couple of weeks. [12:05]

February 2nd, 2002
Slash joins supergroup? See the news. [13:40]

February 1st, 2002
A little news story about Loaded's shows in Los Angeles. [13:30]

January 30th, 2002
Izzy will release a radio single in the U.S. See news. [15:50]

January 29th, 2002
Slash will be on Forever Wild on VH1 this Friday

Gilby Clarke tour dates. [13:35]

January 27th, 2002
Added an article from Rolling Stone August 1989.

Updated links. [15:45]

January 26th, 2002
Is this Dizzy? I have no idea.... [22:40]

January 24th, 2002
News regarding Izzy's new album (the one with Duff and Slash) from MTV/Sonicnet.
Read it here. [19:40]

January 23rd, 2002
Slash and and his wife are expecting a baby.
Congratulations to them. Thanks Linda.

Steven Adler's birthday was yesterday. Happy birthday Steven. [14:00]

January 21st, 2002
Having trouble finding Loaded's Dark Days cd? Now you can buy it at their site.
Thanks Shannon.

Buckethead appears in the special features on the Ghosts Of Mars DVD.
It's a feature on how the musical score was composed. Thanks Jason.

Here's a picture of Dizzy(???) at the Hard Rock Hotel. It was captured by Fabio.

Added link to Estranged Illusions forum. [17:35]

January 18th, 2002
Classic Rock Revisited has an interview with Gilby on their site.
Check it out here. Thanks Tatiana.

Added some links (Bad Apples, Rattlesnake Suitcase). [16:20]

January 16th, 2002
Slash will be performing The Star Spangled Banner tonight at 7:30 PT and not tomorrow
as reported earlier. [12:30]

January 15th, 2002
Slash news. He and Izzy are finishing up the album they recorded with Duff.
Slash will also be performing at the Lakers game this Thursday. See news. [14:10]

January 14th, 2002
Added a link to #GnR @ Dalnet. [16:50]

January 12th, 2002
Added some Loaded tour dates. They'll be playing in Los Angeles, Portland and Seattle.

KNAC.com has reviewed Gilby's new album Swag. Read it here. [14:30]

January 10th, 2002
Check out the new Here Today... Gone To Hell! Message Board. [21:15]

January 9th, 2002
Added lots of guest appearances to the discography. [16:55]

January 8th, 2002
News from Miss Truth. It's about the Black Hawk Down soundtrack and
the problems with licensing GN'R material.

Apparently gnronline.com was hacked earlier and the site has been
taken down. Thanks Aero.

Check out Tracii Guns' site for some early GN'R photos.
Thanks fora. [14:40]

January 7th, 2002
Added some pics. Like this one from MAD. [21:45]

GN'R #43 on Spin's list of 50 greatest bands. Check out the news.

Added link to Use Your Illusions. [0:00]

January 5th, 2002
Slash talking about what happened in Vegas and a little news
about who might be designing the Chinese Democracy cover.
See news. [15:45]

Slash: "I Was Curious". Read about the Vegas incident.
See news. [1:50]

January 4th, 2002
Added two pics from the first Vegas show.
Thanks again Karl. [0:45]

January 3rd, 2002
Here's a picture from the New Year's Eve show.
You can't see the band in this one. Thanks Karl. [16:45]

Added a review from Allstar/CDNOW. [0:00]

January 2nd, 2002
Vegas news story from NME. [13:20]

January 1st, 2002
The setlist from last night's show..
Setlist courtesy of c2ya & Jonathan Lee.

A little news story from ABCnews. [13:10]



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