What's New?

December 21, 1998
The holidays are here!
I won't be able to update this homepage in a while.
So, I'd like to wish you all Happy Holidays!

December 20, 1998
Added a link to Renee's Metal Meltdown.

December 16, 1998
Here's a shorter URL for you to remember: [removed].
It should redirect you to this site.

December 13, 1998
More news about Marilyn Manson's cover of One In A Million.

December 12, 1998
Slash on Penn & Teller show. See news.

December 10, 1998
Slash and Steven news.

December 7 & 9, 1998
Added info about Gilby Clarke's The Hangover.
Thanks Peter and Andreas!

Added a link to Rocket Queen - Guns N' Roses Tribute Page.

December 6, 1998
Slash news. Updated stuff....

December 3, 1998
Duff's album delayed. Axl's court date set. See news.

December 2, 1998
Slash news.

November 29, 1998
Added Welcome To The Videos to the discography.

November 28, 1998
Small updates here and there.....
Added a link to Guns N' Roses: Critical Solution.

[ Passagen's FTP server has been really slow recently.
So updating has been really difficult (almost impossible).
Hopefully it'll get better soon. ]

November 26, 1998
Added a link to Geffen's GN'R page.

November 22, 1998
Updated the GN'R history.
More album news.

November 14, 1998
GN'R album news.

November 13, 1998
Added Duff news.

November 10, 1998
Added Axl & Queen "We Will Rock You" mp3.

November 6, 1998
Added a couple of pictures.

November 1, 1998
Updates here and there.

October 28, 1998
Duff McKagan's Beautiful Disease release date confirmed!
Izzy Stradlin guests on John Mellancamp album. See news.

October 23, 1998
Metallica discuss GN'R. Read about it in news.

October 17, 1998
News about Welcome To The Videos.

October 14, 1998
Marilyn Manson talks about Axl/One In A Million cover.
See news.

October 11, 1998
Sorry for not updating in a while....
Been quite busy (and the coming weeks won't be less busy)... :-(

October 4, 1998
Made some changes on the lyrics pages.

September 26, 1998
Steven Adler news.

September 24, 1998
GN'R news from Music News Of The World.
Gilby Clarke Rubber US release party. Click here for more!

September 23, 1998
New GN'R home video called "Welcome To The Videos" coming in November!

September 22, 1998
Marilyn Manson to cover "One In A Million"? See news for more.

September 20, 1998
Sean Beavan to produce the album? See news for more.

September 16, 1998
Happy Birthday Use Your Illusion I & II. The albums were released seven years ago today.

September 15, 1998
Here's a couple of pictures that I scanned.

September 10, 1998
Redesigned the GN'R lyrics pages.

September 7, 1998
Added a link to Axlette's W. Axl Rose Site.

September 3, 1998
Youth news.

Paul Huge and Robin Finck in Guitar World ad.
See news.

September 1, 1998
Updated the release date for Duff McKagan's Beautiful Disease

August 25, 1998
Added a link to Guns N' Roses Audio
and added 10 Minute Warning info to the discography.

August 22, 1998
Here it is again.... GN'R's version of Heartbreak Hotel available on the audio page. Enjoy!

August 18, 1998
Added a new article from Metal Hammer August 1998 issue, called At home with Slash.

August 17, 1998
Added a link to GN'R Explicit Lyrics.

August 7, 1998
Added a new article from Entertainment Weekly, July 31st 1998.
Thanks Michael!

August 5, 1998
Some updates in the history.
Added that GN'R related albums on the way: table on the What's New? page.

July 31, 1998
Happy Birthday Appetite For Destruction!
Appetite was released 11 years ago!
Click here for more...

July 30, 1998
Oops! Seems like I posted the Appettite For Destruction news too early....

July 28, 1998
Added links to Appetite For Destruction and
Bad Apples - An Unofficial Guns N' Roses Site.

July 25, 1998
Updated the discography.

July 23, 1998
Happy Birthday Slash!

July 10, 1998
Axl news.
Added a link to Jonathan's GN'R Page.

July 7, 1998
Added a link to The Ultimate Guns N' Roses page.

June 27, 1998
Duff and Slash news.

June 24, 1998
Added a link to Back In Black.

June 21, 1998
Added a lot of links.

June 14, 1998
Some small updates.

June 11, 1998
Added a link to Civil War's Unofficial Guns N' Roses page.

June 8, 1998
Added links to Duff McKagan Tribute and Ross McLellan's Guns N' Roses page.

June 1, 1998
Added news about N-Trance's version of Paradise City.

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