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The first GN'R-page with mp3 files!


On this page you'll find officially unreleased GN'R songs in the mp3-format.

The songs that you'll find here will be special in some way. It might be songs that haven't been officially released, demos or it might be live versions of well-known songs.

The reason for putting the songs online is that I think GN'R have made some great stuff, that haven't been available to the public. The only way to get to hear some of these songs have been by buying expensive bootlegs.

I don't make any profit by putting these songs online and I hope you don't either. Keep it free for everyone.

Do not link directly to these files!

Thanks. Enjoy!

Note: Remember that these songs might be replaced by other songs at any time. Please save the files to your computer's hard drive in order to be able to listen to the songs even after they've been removed from this page.




The mp3s:

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Used To Love Her (live @ Intex, Osaka) NEW

Used To Love Her live at Intex in Osaka, Japan on July 21st, 2007. This was the last show of the Japanese tour.





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Crash Diet

Crash Diet the unreleased GN'R track.





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November Rain (guitar version)
A demo version of November Rain. Length:




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