GN'R @ Rock In Rio III  

This is only the GN'R part of the review:

The main attraction, of course, is the previously mentioned Mr. Rose. It's almost 2 am, one hour later than scheduled, when the helicopter transporting Axl Rose and his band lands backstage at the City Of Rock. By then, the atmosphere of expectation is so dense you could cut it with a knife, and when Rose and his troupe finally make onstage, Rock In Rio holds its breath and comes to a standstill. Even the shops close to see the Guns' performance.

But first we have to endure an animation and then a long pause (the first of many). When finally the frontman of the Guns comes onstage, he looks like, well, Ozzy Osbourne: shades, a few more pounds, Adidas trousers and open shirt. However, in all other aspects he remains, thankfully, pretty much himself: potent voice, energy, funny dances and arrogance. He starts with 'Welcome To The Jungle', followed by 'Easy', 'Mr Brown Stone' and 'Live And Let Die'. During the set, other old-time classics such as 'Sweet Child O' Mine' and 'Paradise City' are also included.

With the help of an interpreter, the singer talks many times to the audience about former members of the band, the internet ("a load of crap"), and his love for the fans: "I know many of you are disappointed that some of the members that you learned to love could not be here tonight. Regardless of what you have heard or read, me and my friends have worked very hard to be here tonight. I am as disappointed in this as you that, unlike Oasis, we could not find a way to get along", he says.

It's the lengthiest performance of Rock In Rio so far - two hours and twenty minutes. And that's probably one of its faults. Everyone would have benefited from a shorter set, especially when local percussionist from Escola do Samba Viradouro comes onstage to pay homage, for the longest minutes of the night.

Valeria Rossi and Luciano Vianna






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