Slash's Snakepit: Ain't Life Grand (2000)


Ain't Life Grand cover

October 9th/10th 2000

Produced by Jack Douglas

Additional production and engineered by Jim Mitchell

Mixed by Jay Messina

Assistant engineer: John Tyree, Alex Olssen, Maurizio "Maui" Tiella

Recorded at: Ocean Way Studios, Snakepit Studios

Mixed at: Manhattan Center Studios, Chung King Studios

The band:    

Slash: Guitars

Rod Jackson: Lead Vocals

Keri Kelli: Rhythm Guitars

Johnny Griparic: Bass

Matt Laug: Drums

Ryan Roxie: Rhythm Guitars on album

Additional and backing musicians:

Teddy Andreadis: Keys

Jimmy "Z" Zavala: Sax & Harmonica

Lee Thornburg: Trumpet

Jack Douglas: Sitar

Colin Douglas: Percussion

Backing Vocals:

Karen Lawrence, Kim Nail, Jeff Paris, Kelly Hansen, Teddy Andreadis, Ryan Roxie, Jack Douglas

Rap on "Mean Bone": Raya Beam

Kids Backing Vocals on "Serial Killer":

Nishaun Ruiz, Alex Munoz, Nadine Ruiz, Layal Ghosen, Joanna Schumann, Vanessa Schumann

Singles: Tracks:    

Been There Lately [promotional single]


Been There Lately

Mean Bone


Been There Lately

Just Like Anything


Mean Bone

Back To The Moment

Life's Sweet Drug

Serial Killer

The Truth


Ain't Life Grand

Speed Parade

The Alien

Rusted Heroes *

Something About Your Love *

* = Japanese bonus tracks

Background info:  
The band started working on this album in the summer of 1999 with producer Jack Douglas. It was originally going to be released in February 2000 on Interscope Records, but that didn't happen. Slash wanted to be on a record company which could promote a rock album. So he signed a deal with Koch Records.  


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