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April - June 2000:

June 30th, 2000: Slash Signs To Koch
June 29th, 2000: Duff guests on the Presidents' new album
June 27th, 2000: Axl Rose Comes Out of Hiding to Sing Stones Covers
June 26th, 2000: Duff news + GN'R news
June 24th, 2000: Axl Rose Takes Stage For Gilby Clarke Club Jam
June 20th, 2000: Axl Rose Stalker Sentenced
June 13th, 2000: Randon news
June 7th, 2000: Slash on Howard Stern Show
June 6th, 2000: Live Era transcription book news
June 1st, 2000: Stalker Trial Could Lure Out Axl Rose
May 31st, 2000: Random newsstories
May 31st, 2000: GN'R Tour Rumors
May 24th, 2000: Guitarist Says GN'R Album Is Still in Limbo
May 20th, 2000: The Guns N' Roses, Axl, Nine Inch Nails Connection
May 18th, 2000: Woman allegedly stalked Axl Rose
May 10th, 2000: Brian May talks about Axl/GN'R
May 2nd, 2000: Slash/Rated X
April 29th, 2000: Axl Records With Queen Producer
April 24th, 2000: GN'R related chats at Yahoo!
April 24th, 2000: Robin Finck talks about Axl (again)
April 19th, 2000: Another Axl article in Rolling Stone
April 16th, 2000: GN'R chat @ Yahoo!
April 13th, 2000: Robin Finck mentions Axl in interview
April 10th, 2000: Maynard James Keenan in Much Ado About Nothing: ''I'm turning into Axl!''
April 9th, 2000: Wonder Girls / Matt Sorum
April 2nd, 2000: Misc. news...


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