Here Today... Gone To Hell! Site FAQ

Last updated: 21st of November 2005

Can I link to your site?

Sure! :-) But please, link only to the frontpage. You never know when I'm gonna change something and then you'll end up with a broken link.

Could you link to my site?

Yes, as long as it's a GN'R related site. Just mail the link and the name of the site to me. I'll add it to the links page ASAP.

Can I use pictures from this site in my signature on a Message Board?

Yes, if you don't link directly to the files on this server. You must download the picture you want to use and then upload it to your server.

Do you have Axl's / Slash's / [insert any other past or present GN'R member here] home or e-mail address?


Can you send me [song title]?

No, unfortunately I can't send mp3s by e-mail. If you want bootlegs, check out the message board.

Do you speak Spanish / Portuguese / [other languages....]?

No, I can only reply to your e-mails if you write in English, Finnish or Swedish.
I've gotten e-mails in Spanish and it's really hard to reply when you don't understand a word.....



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