Gilby Clarke: The Hangover (1997)



September 23rd 1997 (US)

Produced and recorded by Gilby and C.J. DeVillar except Zip Gun, Higher, Happiness Is A Warm Gun and The Worst Produced, Recorded and Mixed by Gilby

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Redrum Recording Sherman Oaks, CA.

Singles: Tracks:    

Wasn't Yesterday Great

It's Good Enough For Rock N' Roll

Zip Gun


Mickey Marmalade

Blu Grass Mosquito

Happiness Is A Warm Gun (Lennon/McCartney)

Hang On To Yourself (David Bowie)

The Worst

Captain Chaos

Punk Rock Pollution


Clem Burke (Blondie)

Eric Singer (KISS)

Waddy Wachtel



Thanks Ed for the lyrics, Zqyx for the cover, Domingo for the info.      

Gilby Clarke

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