Setlists wanted!

Long ago Jeff Boerio and I thought that it would be really cool if we had
a database with all GN'R tourdates with setlists and other interesting
facts about the shows. Jeff already has a database with the dates, now
we need setlists and notes.

I know that many of you have been to GN'R shows and many of
you collect bootlegs of shows. We need your help! So, if you
have setlists/info/notes for any GN'R shows from the Appetite For Destruction
and/or the Use Your Illusion tours please send them to me, I'll try to organize
them and forward them to Jeff so that he can put them online. All contributors
will be placed on a Thank You list....

Here's an example of how the info would be presented:
You can cut and paste this.

------cut here-----------

Date: Apr 20, 1992
City: London, England
Venue: Wembley Stadium (Freddie Mercury concert)
Attendance: ? <--- if known
Openers/Headliner: <--- Opening act(s) or headliner when GN'R were the opener
Notes: <---- things worth mentioning (e.g. riot, show stopped...)
Guest Appearances: <--- Lenny Kravitz, Joe Perry & Steven Tyler appeared with GN'R in Paris
Video Boot: <--- if you know that a video is available
Audio Boot: <--- same as above, audio bootleg
Setlist: Paradise City, Knockin' On Heaven's Door <---- songs performed (the right order preferred)
Encore: <--- pretty self explaining

-------cut here----------

If you have any questions, feel free to mail me!

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