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When is the next record coming out?
When it's ready.....

I heard that a new GN'R song called Keep On Rising was leaked to the Internet?
The song's real title is Free Spirit Rising and it's by a band called Mountain Mama.

What new songs are available?
The following new songs can be found: Oh My God (studio & live), Better (demo), Cather In The Rye (demo), IRS (demo), There Was A Time (demo), The Blues, Madagascar, Chinese Democracy, Rhiad & The Bedouins, Silkworms (all live)

Appetite For Destruction [ 1985 - 1988 ]

What's The Hellhouse?
It was the bands home and rehearsal room in the early days.

Who signed GN'R to Geffen?
A&R Executive Tom Zutaut.

Who did the cover painting for Appetite For Destruction?
Robert Williams

Why did the cover of Appetite For Destruction get censored?
Apparently some stores refused to sell it.

Have GN'R made other videos than the one's we see on MTV?
GN'R made a video for It's So Easy back in 1989 and it hasn't been released in its original form. In 1999 a new version (which includes scenes from the original version) was released.

What's the original title of You're Crazy?
It was called Fucking Crazy.

Who wrote Anything Goes?
Axl, Izzy and Chris Weber. Originally it was over 12 minutes long.

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GN'R Lies [ 1988 - 1991 ]

What's Cornchucker?
It's a song GN'R recorded during the GN'R Lies sessions, but they never released it.

Why did GN'R fire Steven Adler?
He had a drug problem.

What was the first song Matt recorded with GN'R?
Knockin' On Heaven's Door, they recorded it on his first day in the band.

Didn't GN'R try out a couple of drummers before Matt joined the band?
Yes they did. Martin Chambers (Pretenders) and Adam Maples (Sea Hags).

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Use Your Illusion [ 1991 - 1993 ]

Who did the cover painting for Use Your Illusion I & II?
Mark Kostabi

Who did the original mixing of the Use Your Illusion albums?
Bob Clearmountain, but the band wasn't happy with the result so Bill Price mixed it.

Didn't Get In The Ring have a different title?
Originally it was called Why Do you Look At Me When You Hate Me and it was written by Duff.

What about Coma?
Coma was originally called Girth.

Did the band write You Could Be Mine especially for Terminator 2?
No, the song was already written. Arnold Schwarzenegger heard it and liked it. Arnold even went to a couple of GN'R shows.

Who's that third guy who co-wrote Right Next Door To Hell?
His name is Timo Kaltio. He's been in a band with Andy McCoy (ex Hanoi Rocks) called The Cherry Bombz.

What songs didn't make it on to the Illusion albums?
Ain't Goin' Down, Crash Diet, Bring It Back Home, Sentimental Movie and Just Another Sunday.
There might be others, but those songs are available on bootlegs. According to Slash they weren't thinking of Crash Diet when they recorded the albums....

Who's idea was it to play the Theme from The Godfather on the UYI tour?
According to Duff it was Slash's idea.

What's The Perfect Crime?
During the Use Your Illusion world tour GN'R had a camera crew filming them on the road. They were making a documentary and it was rumored that it was called The Perfect Crime. In the end, GN'R didn't release it.

What was Axl's last words before the riot in St. Louis in '91?
"Well, thanks to the lameass security, I'm going home".

How long was the longest GN'R show on the Use Your Illusion tour?
Three hours, 36 minutes and 19 seconds in Los Angeles (according to Duff).

When did Izzy Stradlin leave GN'R?
He left the band in November 1991.

Why didn't they have a setlist during the Use Your Illusion worldtour?
Because if they would have had a setlist, it would have become boring.
It would be like going to a 9 to 5 job. Same songs and speeches day after day...

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"The Spaghetti Incident?" [ 1993 - 1994 ]

What happened to The Punk EP?
It became "The Spaghetti Incident?".

Who's idea was it to record Ain't It Fun?
It was Mike Monroe's idea. He was the lead vocalist in Hanoi Rocks.

Didn't they record a Hanoi Rocks' song for TSI?
According to Mike Monroe they wanted to record “Beer And A Cigarette”. Here's what he said about it:
Yeah, “Beer And A Cigarette” but they thought Andy McCoy was too much of a prick to deserve the publishing money.

Who plays rhythm guitar on Sympathy For The Devil?
Paul Huge

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How is GN'R connected to.....

A Perfect Circle?
Josh Freese is the drummer in APC.

Nine Inch Nails?
Nine Inch Nails opened two shows for GN'R in Europe in 1991. Robin Finck is touring/has toured with of NIN.

The Fastbacks?
GN'R's first gig was opening for them.

Tori Amos?
Matt Sorum was in a band with her. It was called Y Kant Tori Read.

Axl joined Bono & Co onstage in 1992. They performed Knockin' On Heaven's Door together. Axl's a fan of U2.

Zakk Wylde?
He jammed with them in 1995 and he played with Slash at the Night Of 100 Guitars in London, England in 1994.


What's The Drunk Fux?
It was a band with Slash, Duff, West Arkeen, Del James and Todd Crew. They didn't rehearse and they played covers. The band hasn't been playing shows since Todd passed away, but in 1993 The Drunk Fux played a show at the Hollywood Palladium. One of the guests were Lemmy from Motorhead.

What's Uzi Suicide?
It was GN'R's own "record company" and the complete name is Uzi Suicide Record Co. The logo was designed by Slash.

According to Slash, it doesn't exist anymore.

Is there a GN'R pinball machine?
Yes. DataEast made a GN'R pinball machine. It's a pinball with GN'R classics as its soundtrack and there's even an unreleased song called Ain't Goin' Down. If you see one of these pinballs, I suggest you try it out! It's cool!

There were 550 GN'R pinball machines made.

What does GN'F'NR'S mean?
Guns N' Fuckin' Roses

Who's Adam Day?
He's Slash's guitar tech.

Have GN'R made an MTV Unplugged show?
No they haven't, but they have done a couple of acoustic shows. For example in 1987 they performed an acoustic set at the CBGB's in New York. In 1988 GN'R did an acoustic show at The Limelight in NYC and in 1993 they had an acoustic section as a part of their set.

What song does GN'R start their sets with?
During the Appetite For Destruction tour they usually opened with It's So Easy. During the Use Your Illusion tour they didn't have a specific setlist. The shows usually ended with Paradise City and the second song often was Mr. Brownstone.

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What's Slash's Blues Ball?
It's a band Slash put together. They play covers.

What's the reason for Duff releasing Believe In Me?
He had 55 songs written before the recording of the UYI albums started. At home he had a 8-track, so he started recording. While GN'R were on tour he would record and invite friends such as Lenny Kravitz to the studio. Jeff Beck heard a song, (Fucked Up) Beyond Belief, and asked Duff if he could play on it.

What does the japanese writing on Izzy's 117° mean?
It says: Second Album.

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