8th anniversary

October 26th, 2004

October 26th, which means another anniversary for the site. Now it's time for #8. I guess that's a long time on the Internet, at least my old web host thought so... I'm still doing this because it's still fun (in case you're wondering).

Maybe some of you have just recently found this site and might be interested in what it looked like in the past. In that case, take a look at this page which I made back in 2001.

In the past 12 months in the world of GN'R, we've gotten a Greatest Hits album (which hit #1 in several countries), lawsuits, some official DVDs, a Behind The Music episode, a Hollywood Rose album, a great solo album and tours from Tommy, a cancelled show, a guitarist leaving, tours from Dizzy's band as well as lots of Velvet Revolver things.

In site related things that happened during the past 12 months, the site and its message board moved to a new web host...... The busiest month so far, in this site's history, also happened during the past year. It was in March and I suspect it was due to the publicity regarding the Greatest Hits album.

I also had the opportunity to meet and interview Tommy in Gothenburg earlier this month. Really cool of him to take the time. The funny thing is that the people working at the venue kept asking me who I was waiting for, and when I said Tommy, their next question usually was "are you working for a paper?"....

The site has been mentioned in all kinds of places over the past year: In the UK, Channel 4 mentioned it on their teletext service (about the Greatest Hits boycott), Hit Parader magazine mentioned the site in their article about GN'R web sites and it was mentioned on Metal Sludge when Borivoj Krgin (the guy behind Blabbermouth) mentioned HTGTH as one of his three favorite sites. Very cool and unexpected.

Lastly, I have to thank a few people for all their help, support etc. over the past year: Jukka-Pekka, Nalle, Graciela, Adam & LiberAdZe, Kiki, Gypsy, Christos, Amanda, Chris (Misfit), Will, Mika, Laura & Laura, Danny, Anthony, (Gothic) Jim, Seb & Tyrel, M, Tommy & Joe, "the news guy", Diane, Dust N' Bones, Arron, Ian @ Nightrain, Henni, Pasi, Jonas, Kalle, Adi, anythinggoes, Karl, Rainfox, Gerrit, Erik, Aero, Maribeth, The GN'R Bar, all the people who helped with the move, everybody who keeps the message board interesting and everybody else who's sent in articles, news, pictures, suggestions, comments etc.! Thank you!



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