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I started listening to GN'R back in '88-89 when I first heard Paradise City. I bought Appetite For Destruction and loved it. There wasn't anything like it out at that time. Then I bought GN'R Lies. That was a great record too. To me GN'R was the first band that I really liked. They got me interested in music. I started buying music magazines and watching music shows on TV. In '89 I read that there was a new GN'R album on the way... When it finally was released on the 16th of September in 1991 I had been waiting for it for over two years. Also in 1991 I went to see GN'R at the Globe in Stockholm. Now, that was a great show! It was a little weird to hear new songs for the first time, but I was among the first 16000 people in Sweden to hear some new GN'R tracks! :-)

I started to work on these pages in the autumn of 1996 and Here Today... Gone To Hell! opened on the 26th of October.

On May 23rd 2002 the site was moved for the first time and it got a new URL,

In February 2003 it was time to move again.

The latest move happened in July 2004 when the message board and site were moved to a new server.

If you wonder why this site is called Here Today... Gone To Hell! It's because, that's what's printed on the back of the GN'R T-shirt that I bought at the show in Stockholm.

Have fun!


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