What's New?

March 28th, 2009
News about a track featuring Richard Fortus in Guitar Hero World Tour.

March 27th, 2009
Josh Freese talks about GN'R, check out the news for more.

March 25th, 2009
GN'R on esquire.com, see news.

March 21st, 2009
DJ Ashba joins GN'R. See news for the press release.

March 18th, 2009
Tommy is on the cover of Bass Player magazine, see news.

March 5th, 2009
GN'R tour news.

February 27th, 2009
New Axl interview added to the news section.

February 16th, 2009
Chinese Democracy makes it onto Top 20 albums of 2008. Check out the news for more.

February 14th, 2009
Axl on the cover of latest issue of Billboard. See news.

February 6th, 2009
Happy birthday Axl!

Billboard Q&A wilth Axl added to the news.

February 4th, 2009
Chinese Democracy gets nominated for a Juno Award in Canada. Read about it in the news section.

January 31st, 2009
Sweet Child O' Mine covera article added to the news.

January 20th, 2009
Chris Pitman to perform live with SexTapes. Check out the news.

January 16th, 2009
Bumblefoot and Dizzy to play a NAMM after party. See news.

January 14th, 2009
Dizzy show news.

January 12th, 2009
Axl gets thanked at Golden Globes, check out the news.

January 10th, 2009
Dizzy in Boston. See news.

January 7th, 2009
Bumblefoot in L.A. news.

January 4th, 2009
GN'R at #1 on VH1's list of the 100 Greatest Hard Rock Songs. See news.

January 2nd, 2009
Axl among 'Greatest Voices in Rock' according to UK poll. Check out the news section for the story.



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