fade into the soulless night
I shut the door on all my will to fight
shouldn't be so hard to function
all my thoughts just make me itch
I'm bleeding on the outside
creepy on the inside
I couldn't just step aside
no I had to be pushed
and you weren't first in line
but it's o.k,
fallin apart
and it's o.k.
being all alone
and it's o.k.
you were born to be useless
it's o.k.
if you can live with yourself

everything I took for granted
I would gladly give it all right back
wasn't very much to start with
didn't know that all you had
I thought I said I'm sorry
tried to leave your party
and now I feel so numb
I can't get up
and you can't take me down
but it's o.k.
feeling uneasy
and it's o.k.
if you want to die
and it's o.k.
just put your thumb on the trigger
it's o.k.
if you can't make up your mind

they used to throw your birthday parties
with your juggler and a fortune teller
telling lies to everyone
they made you feel dumb

but it's o k
losing control
and it's o.k.
if you want to hide
and it's o.k
you feel like jumpin out the window
it's o.k
if you can't make up your mind
it's o.k.
it's all o.k.