yeah you ought to see yourself
through the eyes of anyone
who ever knew you when you were more useful
there used to be no place
for anyone who wanted to come play around your backdoor
now they're sneakin through your cat hole

yeah you got a lot of nerve
it ought to be illegal
always taking up so much space
they never see you come
they'll only see you leaving
cause you've always got your hands full
you even steal all the shadows

ain't the lies ain't the freaks
it ain't your mother
but what's your motivation
ain't the wine ain't the creeps
it ain't your father
tell me what's your motivation

yeah you said you knew me when I was easier to be around
knew me like we were really friends
you let me wear your hat
when all I really wanted was to know why you wake up
tell me where you hide your make-up

I never see you without it
tell me what's your motivation

yeah I saw your monkeycat
he's dancin on the corner with a brother and his moonshine
yeah they're buzzin like a beehive