Slash's Snakepit: It's Five O'Clock Somewhere (1995)


It's Five O'Clock Somewhere cover

February 1995

Produced by Mike Clink and Slash

Engineered by Mike Clink

Mixed by Steve Thompson and Michael Barbiero

Additional Engineering: Noel Golden, Jay Ryan

Recorded at: Conway Studios, The Record Plant, Rumbo Recorders

The band:    

Eric Dover: Vocals

Slash: Guitars

Gilby Clarke: Rhythm Guitars

Mike Inez: Bass

Matt Sorum: Drums

Dizzy Reed: Keyboards

Ted Andreadis: Harmonica

Paulinho da Costa: Percussion

Slash, Mike Inez, Gilby Clarke, Dizzy Reed, Party Girls...?: Backgound Vocals

Singles: Tracks:    

Beggars & Hangers-On

Good To Be Alive

Neither Can I

Dime Store Rock

Beggars & Hangers-On [s] [v]

Good To Be Alive [s] [v]

What Do You Want To Be

Monkey Chow

Soma City Ward

Jizz Da Pit


Take It Away

Doin' Fine

Be The Ball

I Hate Everybody (But You)

Back And Forth Again

Background info:  
Slash wrote songs for GN'R, but Axl didn't want to record them so Slash recorded them himself with some friends. He auditioned singers and that's how Eric Dover joined the band.  

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