"Viva La Rock"

I see it comin’ again
She sings hallelujah but it’s only pretend
firebird freakout, naked city needle
The warm gun’s a faithless friend
Soylent station where the cannibal feeds
Too much is all that I need
My no means yes and I must confess
She tells me that to curse is to bleed

Scar baby, scar baby
You’re a disease
You put your mark on me
Scar baby, scar baby
Under your sleeve
Save a spot for me

Sun ra moon dog, sin twister shade
Soul shock catastrophe
Animal vegetable runnin’ down a miracle
To be or not to be
Trepinate baptize, strip odyssey
The voodoo drips from the sky
Slap dashin’, voyeur playin’ the fool
Don’t need no who, what, or why


Matt Sorum – Vocals, Guitars, Drums, Concert Toms
Lanny Cordola – Guitars, Toy Piano, Electric Sitar, E- Bow
Chuck Wright – Bass
Vincezo Lorusso – Loops, Programming, Analog Synthesizers
Cameron Stone – Electric Cello
Ravi – Tablas
Najwa Tannus – Vocals