"Sunset Blvd"

Here we go, down the street of dreams
Nothing is as it seems
There’s a skybar, there’s a teaser
Win the lotto if you please her
Droppin’ names to get inside
Get some fame so you can hide

On Sunset Blvd.
She welcomes you no matter who you are
On Sunset Blvd.
She’s movin’ fast and playin’ hard

Rented limos, fast cars
Big houses with disposable stars
If you win you still can lose
Cause no one loves yesterday’s news


And when they crash
They’re soon forgotten
With someone new to take their place
But this ole’ street remembers everyone that drives


Matt Sorum – Vocals, Guitars, Drums, Percussion
Lanny Cordola – Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Banjo, Piano, Background Vocals
Chuck Wright – Bass
Sandra Stephen – Vocals