Tomorrowís too far and yesterdayís gone, tonight
When no oneís around I donít hear a sound, tonight
Now Iím all alone with my wandering soul, tonight
I heard what you said cause itís still in my head, tonight

Sometimes itís all that you can do
To get out of this sad old empty room
What ever happened to me and you

My latest regret Iíll never forget, tonight
All these fellings I hide, how they crawl deep inside, tonight
In my hallow ground, do you know what I found, tonight
My judgement is poor I canít take anymore, tonight

This confession is for you
Iím a sinner, thru and thru
Iím sorry I let you down
Times a witness thatís hard to face
The time thatís lost you canít replace
But you know I wish you well

You know Iíll always remember,
cause youíre with me forever, tonight
Tomorrowís too far and yesterdayís gone, tonight