"Pushing 40 Blooze"

Words & music by Clarke, Phantom, Dutton

Now your smile is cracking
And your lungs are turning black
It hurts to face the future
When you know you can't turn back
Your hair is ever changing
Still afraid of the same old things
Hanging with your new friends
In the morning feel the sting

Going nowhere fast
How long's it gonna last
With your supporting cast
Pushing 40, pushing 40

Your clock inside is ticking
How many times you gonna get it wrong
You feel your head exploding
How many guys you gonna drag along
You look like death warmed over
Shrouded party dress
Ain't anymore survivors
Ain't no time to rest

Clock keeps ticking, time flies past
Head exploding like a shotgun blast
Life's a cocktail, it seems allright
Until you take off the make up and turn on the light

Time is done, race is run
Move on over, move on over