"All The Kings Horses"

Words & music by Clarke, Dutton, Phantom

I'd cut you off, but you're under my skin
Your fangs are hanging off of your lips
You've been dragging me down
Now I'm stranded again
My home is your shipwreck

Shameless is a town where I come from
I got the worst house on the street

Dropping Out
Is there anywhere I wanna go
Dropping Out
Is there anyone I can be
It's so lonely in this town
I'm Dropping Out

Mid-day blackouts and Vicodin cocktails
I'm seeing things that don't exist
Faking the cold sweats, a bad flashback
You're my enemy and my friendStuck in this place where you came from
You're daddy never taught you right from wrong
You got a walk in closet in your head
Where you try and forget everything

You and me and a race against time
We got a head start, but we're last in line
You could do a lot worse under my wing
Everywhere is up, from where you've been

All the kings horses
All the kings men
Hollywood divorces
Could'nt be put together again

You can drag your heels, but wipe your tears
You stumbled though your best years
If I was king and you were queen
We'd split up the gold and bury this thing

All the things you wanted
And everything you have
You stole or you've broken
The heart you used to have