Mad For The Racket: The Racketeers (2000)


Mad For The Racket

November 6th, 2000

Mixed by Jason Roberts and Wayne Kramer

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The band:    

Brian James: Guitar

Wayne Kramer: Guitar

Duff McKagan: Bass

Stewart Copeland: Drums
Brock Avery: Drums
Clem Burke: Drums


Singles: Tracks:    


1. Chewed

2. Christiana

3. Trouble Bones

4. Prisoner Of Hope

5. Tell A Lie

6. Czar Of Poisonville

7. I Want It

8. All Fired Up

9. Blame It

10. Nuts About You

11. I Fall

12. Ooh Baby


Additional info:  

Brian James sing on: #1,3,5,7,9,11,12, Wayne Kramer does the vocals on the rest.
Duff plays bass on all songs accept # 6 ("Czar Of Poisonville"). He sings background vocals on #3, 5,7,9,11,12 and plays guitars on #11 "I Fall".

Stewart Copeland plays drums on track #1,# 3 and #5.

Thanks to: Remco, Jim


Duff McKagan

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