"Lonely Tonite"

( Duff McKagan )

GN'R played Dallas that night 'til
1:00 am. Studio time was booked
at 3:00 am. Jim and I went in,
turned off all the lights, lit candles
and rolled tape. I wrote it on the
spot (little did Jim know!!). Also
did drum tracks for "Swamp
Song." We got out at about 3:00
pm!! My brother Matt and his
buddy Bob played horns later
in L.A.

Do you remember walkin' hand in
Did you understand, well, I did
We used to listened to that song
"Are you lonely tonight?"
I think the king sang it

I'm lonely tonite
Yeah lonely tonight
That's right

I used to read you bedtime stories

I'm so lonely tonite
I'm so lonely, so lonely tonite

Remember you used to protect me
From my fright
Now I stand here with a bottle in
My hand
Who cares? What's different?

Tonite Tonite

Duff: Lead Vocal, Drums, Bass, Piano
Snake: Lead Guitar
Suicide Horns: Horns