"(Fucked Up) Beyond Belief"

( Duff McKagan / Matt Sorum )

A song Matt and I would screw
around with at GN'R sound-
checks. The two of us along with
Teddy went in the studio and
recorded in one take!! Months
later in Paris, Jeff Beck was stay-
ing in the hotel room across from
me, heard the song, and asked if
he could "have a go" at the song.
My hands shaking I called Doug,
our manager, studio time was
booked in London the following
LA Conway and London

"This is a warning"

You got democracy, debauchery,
and a communist regime
They tore, that wall down just to
keep people happy
But it goes back up again

The tax man cometh and he takes
all your money away
Tax bracket, what a racket
They spend it like two-bit thieves

The monster came up its ugly
And it's just enough to keep
Your children fed?
You stumble, you get up and then
you heave
Man, it's so fucked up beyond

Duff: Lead Vocal, Bass, Rhythm Guitar
Synth Bass, Bullhorn
Jeff Beck: Lead & Rhythm Guitar
Matt Sorum: Drums
Ted Andreadis: Clavinet, Organ