"Put You Back"
(Duff Mckagan, Izzy Stradlin)

"Izzy and I wrote this one. He rides his motorcycle everywhere;
he just goes out into the desert with extra gas and water and supplies.
He finds these trails that go to Mexico from Arizona, and he's gone for days.
So he found a guy out there, a Mexican who was trying to go to L.A.
The guy was lost; he was going north-east. Izzy put him on his bike,
gave him a sandwich and water, and took him up to the highway.
He gave him some money and said, "You wanna go that way --
you wanna go west, dude." I hope he made it." - Duff

You walked the ocean
You crossed the sea
Sands of the desert
Sands beneath your feet


They wanna put ya back down
They wanna put ya back down
They wanna put ya back down
They're not gonna let you through

Time turns to hours
Days into weeks
Stars seem to guide him
Into the east



Did you leave anyone
Your mother must be missin' her son
Is anybody waitin' for you
Or is this somethin' new?
Live without money
Live without home
Die without water
slowly, lost I