Ten Minute Warning (1998)


10 Minute Warning cover

May 5th, 1998

Recorded by Hal Ermine at AVAST!

Mixed by Jack Endino at Hanzsek Audio

The band:

Christopher Blue: Vocals
Greg Gilmore: Drums
Duff McKagan: Guitar
Bob Groves: Guitar
David Garrigues: Bass
Paul Solger: Guitar on album

Singles: Tracks:    

Swollen Rage


Face First




No More Time

Is This The Way?


Background info :  

Ten Minute Warning originally started in the early 80s as the Fartz. The band included Paul Solger (guitar), David Garrigues (bass), Blaine Fart (vocals), Duff McKagan (guitar) and Greg Gilmore (drums). Blaine Fart left and was replaced by Steve Varewolf.

In 1983, Duff and David left. Daniel House became the new bass player in 1984.

In early 1984 the band recorded its first album. Recorded songs included "Last Dream", "Again", "Life", "Stooge", "Necropolitan Affair", "Echoes", "Disraeli", "Heaven", "Woke Up Dreaming" and "Memories Gather Dust". They also recorded a version of Pink Floyd's "The Nile Song". However, the record was never released.

In December 1984 Greg and Paul quit. Ten Minute Warning split up.

Paul went to New York and Greg headed for Los Angeles. There he reunited with his old friend Duff. Duff joined a band called Road Crew and Greg moved back to Seattle. Greg replaced Matt Cameron in Skin Yard and worked with Jack Endino on his solo projects. When he returned home after traveling in the Far East, he was asked to join Mother Love Bone. Sadly the lead singer Andrew Wood died. The rest of Mother Love Bone decided not to continue. Greg joined Blind Horse, traveled, played in Crack Jockey and Son of Man.

In 1996 Ten Minute Warning reformed. Christopher Blue joined the band as their singer. The band recorded an album and Sub Pop released it.....






Lyrics courtesy of Katy.

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