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March 24th, 2004
GN'R in For Better Or For Worse comic + Weiland update + GH reviews
There was a small GN'R mention in the For Better Or For Worse comic yesterday (which also was the release date for the Greatest Hits album in North America).

You can see the strip here (Hint: look for the kid in the first panel's bottom left corner).

A judge in Los Angeles refused to allow Velvet Revolver singer Scott Weiland to leave rehab to shoot a video for "Slither" on Tuesday, but she did allow him nine hours to do so on April 4, with certain provisions, a court spokesperson said. The judge also modified the singer's sentence, changing his remaining 180 days in a residential care center to 30 days in a hardcore live-in facility, followed by 90 days in a sober-living program. While in the latter, Weiland will have more freedom to come and go. After that, he'll undergo six months of after-care counseling and testing. If Weiland remains clean, he will be done with rehab in 10 months.

Some Greatest Hits reviews you can find online:

pitchforkmedia.com (3.9)
Stylus Magazine (5)


Universal Music has created an e-card for the album.

Source(s): http://www.fborfw.com , http://www.mtv.com + various sites for reviews  
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