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February 22nd, 2004
Axl mention on Blabbermouth + Zakk Wylde mentions GN'R
According to this newsstory at Blabbermouth, Axl has hired a guitar player to teach him how to play guitar since "he can't work with another guitarist".

The source of the news is an interview with Raging Slab singer Greg Strzempka, the band opened for GN'R in 1991. He mentions that one of his friends is teaching Axl how to play guitar. The friend's name is Gary and he's a member of a band called Circus Of Power.

Gary Sunshine has worked with GN'R and he even appears on Oh My God from 1999.

Maybe this piece of news isn't really news after all.....

Zakk Wylde mentioned GN'R when talking about the new Black Label Society album:


"What would be the point of putting out the same Goddamn album each time?" Zakk said of the upcoming CD. "This one's darker and heavier than some of our other stuff, maybe in the vein of when ALICE IN CHAINS did 'Jar Of Flies', but it's still a BLACK LABEL record. I loved it when GUNS N' ROSES did mellow shit like 'Lies' those were the things we ended up listening to during 20-hour drives while we were on tour."


Source(s): http://www.roadrun.com/blabbermouth.net/  
Thanks to: twoifbysea, oneway23 
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