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December 30th, 2003
Harder And Heavier compilation feat. GN'R cover + Weiland switches rehab facilities
There's a new compilation out called Harder And Heavier. It's an album with cover versions of rock classics and one of the tracks is a cover of GN'R's "Welcome To The Jungle".

Here's what the booklet says:

Harder & Heavier is a startling reinvention of songs that were once an integral part of the '70s and '80s musical psyche, but have now been reborn for the clatter and bash crew. Classic tracks - Harder & Heavier than you ever heard these bands before. Rockin' versions like AC/DC's Back In Black featuring Joe Lynn Turner from Rainbow, Guns N' Roses' Welcome To The Jungle performed by Kevin Dubrow from Quiet Riot, a stellar Die Krupps remix of Queen's Tie Your Mother Down featuring Lemmy from Motörhead covering the vocals with Ted Nugent's guitar and cat yowls in the background and more - Tommy Shaw from Styx, Dee Dee Ramone from The Ramones, Paul Dianno from Iron Maiden and the list goes on...


The cover also promises that a member of Guns N' Roses is on this album, but there's no information on who that is.


1. Back In Black feat. Joe Lynn Turner from Rainbow
2. Welcome To The Jungle feat. Kevin Dubrow from Quiet Riot
3. Living Loving Maid feat. Great White
4. Shout At The Devil feat. The Electric Hellfire Club
5. Tie Your Mother Down feat. Lemmy from Motorhead and Ted Nugent
6. Money feat. Tommy Shaw from Styx
7. Bringing On The Heartache feat. Phil Lewis of L.A. Guns
8. Walk All Over You feat. Dee Snider from Twisted Sister
9. Whole Lotta Love feat. Kevin Dubrow from Quiet Riot
10. Highway To Hell feat. Kevin Dubrow from Quiet Riot
11. Sin City feat. Jack Russell from Great White
12. Here I Am feat. Kelly Hanson from Hurricane
13. D'yer Maker feat. Phil Lewis of L.A. Guns
14. Wrathchild feat. Paul Dianno from Iron Maiden
15. Wasted feat. John Corabi from Mötley Crüe / Scream / Union
16. Jump In The Fire feat. Dee Dee Ramone from The Ramones

Two months into lockdown, Scott Weiland has switched rehab facilities. Though the former Stone Temple Pilots frontman/current Velvet Revolver singer was in court-ordered rehab at Grandview in Pasadena, California, he's now housed at Las Encinas, also in Pasadena. Prosecutors said that the switch was made so that the singer could get more personal care in a smaller facility. Weiland's due back in court for a probation status report on January 9. The singer's arraignment date, to enter a plea to the charge of driving under the influence of drugs (from his late October arrest), was pushed back from December 23 to January 23. Meanwhile, Weiland lashed out in a Friday post on his band's Web site at a Rolling Stone reporter who "interviewed me and then printed that I was drunk driving. Get your facts straight, you moron paparazzi f---," he wrote. ...

Source(s): http://www.mtv.com  
Thanks to: Bo, Gitarrrjam 
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