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December 20th, 2003
Axl 91 flashback & Ex-Gunner mentions in Classic Rock magazine
Taken from Classic Rock magazine's December 2003 issue:

This photograph of Axl Rose fronting Guns N’ Roses (the real one) was taken in 1991 by Classic Rock photographer George Chin.

Axl 1991

“Before the start of the Get In The Ring Motherfucker Tour,” George recalls, “GN’R played three warm-up club shows. During the New York Ritz show Axl jumped into the audience, and landed badly on his left heel.

“After the show, it turned out that he had twisted his ankle and torn some ligaments. His leg had to be put into a cast, and he was under doctor’s orders not walk on it.

“With less than two weeks to go before the start of the tour, postponement was not an option. So Axl contacted his favourite American Football team, the New York Jets, and asked their physio to design and make a lightweight ankle brace which would enable him to run around on stage without putting pressure on his ankle.

“With the casing in place - and even though he was using crutches right up to the day of the first show - the tour went ahead as scheduled.”

Slash gets Addled again!
GN’R trio participate in Hollywood jam.

THREE-FIFTHS OF THE CLASSIC GUNS N’ Roses line-up recently took part in a spontaneous on-stage reunion in Hollywood. Guitarists Slash and Izzy Stradlin delighted fans at the Key Club by joining original Gunners drummer Steven Adler and his band Adler’s Appetite – which also includes Ratt/LA Guns/Love/Hate singer Jizzy Pearl, Faster Pussycat guitarist Brent Muscat, current LA Guns guitarist Keri Kelli and former Vince Neil/Ratt bassist Robbie Crane – for jammed versions of ‘Mr Brownstone’, ‘Paradise City’, and ‘Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door’. It was the first time that the trio had played together since a Farm Aid concert 13 years ago.

Meanwhile, in an interview with Guitar World recently Slash explained why Izzy was not a member of the band that later became Velvet Revolver. Izzy had dropped in on the group’s earliest rehearsals, but Slash said the guitarist was never considered as a permanent member.

“You have to understand our relationship with Izzy,” Slash commented. “It was just a lot of fun [with him], but he didn’t want to deal with the long haul. As soon as we started to physically audition singers, we didn’t see him again. He’s so fucking shattered from his experience [with Axl Rose] that he refuses to ever do anything involving a singer again!”

Stradlin and ex-GN’R bassist Duff McKagan are among the guests (also including Josh Homme, Nick Oliveri and pj Harvey) who will appear on ‘Bubblegum’, the sixth solo album from current Queens Of The Stone Age and ex-Screaming Trees singer Mark Lanegan, to be released in 2004.

Source(s): Classic Rock, December 2003  
Thanks to: Gypsy 
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