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December 3rd, 2003
Guns N' Roses renew fan appeal
Rock band Gun N' Roses have renewed their appeal for information about one of their fans who went missing over a year ago in America.

Kirsty Ormerod, travelled from her home in Newport, south Wales to see the band perform in the States.

She journeyed to Chicago alone to watch the group perform at the All State Arena on 16 November 2002, and has not been seen or heard from by her family or friends since.

When the band, fronted by singer Axl Rose, heard of her disappearance, they issued an statement urging her to contact someone.

"Wherever you are, Kirsty, please get in touch with someone to let them know that you are safe, and please come home soon.

"Everyone is really concerned."

And as her 21st birthday approaches on 6 December, the rock group repeated their appeal for her to make contact.

Records show that Kirsty left the UK on 16 November 2002.

She checked into a hotel in Chicago, which she left on 20 November but she failed to return to the UK as planned.

Described as a "free spirit", her family have said that it is not unusual for Kirsty to go missing for a few months at a time but this is the longest her family have gone without hearing from her.

She failed to get in touch with them on her mother Kate's 50th birthday in May and her younger brother John's 18th in June.

Mrs Ormerod, who lives in Leeds with Kirsty's father Steve and brother, said the family need to know what has happened to her.

"We are all coping ok, but it is always there in the back or our minds," she said.

"We are hoping she has started a brand new life for herself but at the same time we also know she may not have done and we need to know one way or the other.

"Of course we would rather know that she is ok, but we have to consider the possibility that she is not."

Kirsty, had moved away from the family home in Leeds to the Maindee area of Newport in 2000 where she lived with friends.

A long-time fan of Guns N' Roses, Kirsty had seen the group perform several times.

"She has a strong interest in the band and had done since she was about 11," said Mrs Ormerod.

"We know she went out to Chicago to see them, but we don't know where she went after that.

"Maybe she has met up with some fellow fans and is travelling around following the band."


Mrs Ormerod, a nurse at a hospice, said that the last time they heard from Kirsty was when she contacted them asking for help with the fare to America.

"Kirsty is a very intelligent and bright girl. She is her own person - very determined.

"She isn't the sort of girl to phone her parents every week and so we weren't too surprised when we didn't hear from her for a while when she first went missing.

"I thought it was a bit strange when she didn't get in touch with us over Christmas.

"Then after a few months we started to get concerned and more so when one of her friends contacted us about her.

"All we hope now is that she is going to get in touch with us for her birthday.

"Your 21st birthday is a very special occasion and we just want to hear from her to know she is ok."

Gwent Police are liaising with Interpol as part of their efforts to locate Kirsty.

She is described as about 5ft 6in tall, of medium build, with blonde hair and blue eyes. She has a slight northern accent.

Source(s): http://news.bbc.co.uk  
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