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November 29th, 2003
Tommy talks about The Clash + New Camp Freddy download
Tommy Stinson was quoted in an article about The Clash in Uncut magazine. Here's what he said:

Uncut, December 2003:

Clash City Rockers
A year after Joe Strummer's death, an all-star panel votes for the band's 30 greatest songs in this exclusive Uncut poll


Uncut Panel

Tommy Stinson
Ex-Replacements and Guns N' Roses, debut solo album out 2004
Favorite Clash Track: "Stay Free"


Give 'Em Enough Rope album track, November 1978


TOMMY STINSON: It's a song that I used to listen to a lot when I was hanging out with my friend David Roth. He was a kid I went to high school with. He and I used to be the two ruffians of our school. We'd get spat on and picked on a lot because we had spiky hair and little spiky bracelets and shit. You know, we were these crazy little kids, and "Stay Free" always reminds me of him. Most of The Clash records I got onto because of him, because his family had been to England right before I met him and he came back from England and he had bondage trousers and Give 'Em Enough Rope and he turned me onto a lot of cool stuff.


Single A-side and title track of third album, December 1979


TOMMY STINSON: It's a great song and album - I'm pretty sure it's the first piece of vinyl I bought for myself. I remember making the pilgrimage to the record store to buy it. And the inside of the record I got had these two pull-out pieces of paper with photos on both sides and, like, all the liner notes and stuff, and I must have read that stuff a thousand times. There were all those great pictures of them playing on their US tour for Give'Em Enough Rope with The Undertones and shit and I'm pretty sure that was the first record I ever bought. I love the video too for "London Calling". I thought, man, that's an awesome look and I'm going for that.


slashonline.com has added another Camp Freddy video clip. This one's "Whole Lotta Love" with Linda Perry.

Source(s): Uncut, December 2003, http://www.slashonline.com  
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