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November 7th, 2003
A little GN'R mention in Spin, Buckethead album news, GN'R tribute album coming, VR mention in RS
There's a little GN'R mention in the latest Spin magazine (December issue).

The article is called A Quick and Easy Guide to Writing Perfect Rock Songs and it's written by Chuck Klosterman.

1. Rip off the Clash
2. Replicate the intro to Sesame Street
3. Make sure every track has the Good Part Here is a critical secret about rock’n’roll - nobody ever really likes an entire song. What people love is the Good Part: the moment that DJs sample (like the drum intro on Led Zeppelin’s “When the Levee Breaks”); any time the singer talks sexy over the breakdown (like in Van Halen’s “Panama”); solo bass intros (like the one Guns N’ Roses had on “It’s So Easy”); and any use of a wah-wah effect (as heard on Peter Frampton’s “Show Me the Way”); and/or the part of a song when everything slows down and then gradually gets faster while the audience does the pogo (best exemplified by the Violent Femmes’ “Blister in the Sun”). It’s essential for any great song to have the Good Part, because stoned people like to point it out to others.

4. Understand the power of taking rides.
5. Include the word baby
6. Place tiny classified ads

According to the Admin of Buckethead's official website, bucketheadland.com, Buckethead's next album will come out by the end of this year through Catalyst Records.

The album's title has changed from Super Diorama Theater to Coo Coo Clocks Of Hell.

This was posted on absolutepunk.net:

"Best Comp Ever? Yeah...
3:55:18 AM Bring You To Your Knees: A Tribute To Guns N Roses will be out March 9th, 2004 on Law Of Inertia. This CD features Guns N Roses covers by some of the best bands in music today: Dillinger Escape Plan, Most Precious Blood, Unearth, Vaux, The Beautiful Mistake, Time in Malta, Death By Stereo, Every Time I Die, God Forbid, Haste, and Break The Silence, this compilation is sure to be almost as amazing as Coconut Banger's Ball: It's A Rap.(A little inside I know).

There's a Weiland mention in the latest Rolling Stone magazine. It talks about his recent arrest and a bit about the Velvet Revolver album.

This is the most interesting part:


Weiland had been recording the VR album with ex-Guns n’ Roses members Slash, Duff McKagan and Matt Sorum. The day after the crash, the singer played tracks for ROLLING STONE (but did not talk about his arrest). “There are dark, plodding tracks on here,” Weiland said. “And there are songs that are real fast, like a freight-train fueled with Bacardi 151.” New songs include “Slither,” with a menacing McKagan bass line, and “Fall to Pieces,” which revisits the multilayered texture of G n’ R’s “November Rain.” Slash is right – it’s a “great rock & roll album.” Hopefully, the singer will be around to finish it.

Source(s): Spin magazine December 2003, http://www.bucketheadland.com , http://www.absolutepunk.net , Rolling Stone November 27, 2003  
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