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October 29th, 2003
Offspring Extend Splintered Olive Branch To Guns N' Roses, VR update, Hollywood Rocks!
Axl Rose can breathe a sigh of relief. His album title, Chinese Democracy, is safe for now.

After threatening to call their seventh studio offering Chinese Democracy, melodic California punk band the Offspring have decided to name the LP Splinter. The record comes out December 2; the long-awaited Guns N' Roses disc still has no release date.

In April, Offspring vocalist Dexter Holland posted a message on the band's official Web site that read: "You snooze, you lose. Axl ripped off my braids, so I ripped off his album title." Not long after, Rose's lawyers called Holland's lawyer, but that's not why the Offspring abandoned the democratic process.

"I don't think we ever seriously considered using that name," Holland said. "But we could have if we wanted because you can't copyright or trademark an album title or a song title. Think of all the songs that are called 'I Love You' or 'Baby, Baby.' "


Read the full article here.

This is also from MTV.com:

Guns N' Roses' Greatest Hits album was expected to rain down on record stores November 25, but the LP has been pushed back indefinitely by Geffen Records.

Another Velvet Revolver update from their site:


Press and Petchouli. [ 10/28/2003 ]
- Posted by : Yoko
Hi, I'm Yoko. I'll be doing the Journal Entries for the band. I could be one of the band members, or maybe not. Someday I may take over the band... or maybe not. I'm neither here nor there. I'm simply... Yoko.

The band did a bunch of press for the top industry magazines today, including photo shoots and interviews. Izzy stopped by smelling of petchouli, and a 3-hour jam session ensued. Stradlin supplied "protein" for the band to enjoy and feast upon. A conversation involving same-sex marriages took place.

P.S. - I know it's only rock-n-roll, but I like it.


GN'R is featured in a book about the 1980's Hollywood rock n' roll scene called "Hollywood Rocks!". Here's a description on the book from Amazon:

Over 1000 images were compiled to produce this visual chrestomathy of hair, make up and rock n' roll attitude featuring exclusive interviews with stars of the epoch.

Hollywood Rocks! is intended to be a mere "snapshot of an era" for purposes of pure nostalgic happiness. Revel in rare, never before seen photographs of top 80's rock talent such as Guns N' Roses, Motley Crue, Janes Addiction and others. Hear first-hand accounts of the magic backstage from Jerry Dixon of Warrant, Marc Ferrari of Keel, Rikki Rocket of Poison and many more. Enjoy, and we'll see you at the rainbow...


Metal Sludge has a page about the book here.

Source(s): http://www.mtv.com , http://www.velvetrevolver.net  
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