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September 12th, 2003
VR PR Vereecke respond to Weiland's accusations
This letter appears in a popup window at slashonline.com:

In responce to Scott Weiland's letter that implicates me of wrong doing as a PR for Velvet Revolver, I firmly believed he acted on bad advice, that was not only detrimental to him but to Velver Revolver.

Nobody, except Scott Weiland and his representatives, was aware of his letter writing, hence the rest of the band especially Slash and Duff whom I've worked with for 17 years, and hold very dear, knew anything about it.

Scott Weiland did call me tonight to apologise for being misinformed and we will talk things out this weekend one-on-one.

The truth is, I'm not fired. The band ran out of money and until the record is finished VR will be laying low and therefore not in need of a full time publicist. I still do all the work that comes in, I'm just not paid for it... and you can quote me on that.

Sorry this is a public battle, but it was not my idea, and I do not hold a grudge towards Scott Weiland and accepted his apology.

Best regards,


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