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September 11th, 2003
IRS blurb and Axl mention in Rolling Stone + VR update from Weiland
Rolling Stone (mag) Issue 932, October 2, 2003

New Guns n' Roses Song Leaked to Radio New York Mets catcher Mike Piazza is a huge Guns n' Roses fan - and one of the few people to hear new material by the band. Piazza recently received an anonymous CD in the mail marked with the Gn'R name and the word IRS - intrigued, he brought the disc to New York DJ Eddie Trunk, who played the track on his August 29th Friday Night Rocks show. Trunk claims that the next day, reps for Gn'R requested he never play the song again. "It sounded like Illusion-era Gn'R with a few modern touches," the DJ said on his Web site. In a statement, Axl Rose responded, "I've always been a Yankees fan. Go Clemens!"

This is also from Rolling Stone magazine (the issue that didn't include Slash in the 100 greatest guitarists). In the magazine there is an NFL pullout poster of Britney Spears (an ad) and on the back they have:

The 25 Most Memorable Music Moments in NFL History

"#19: Axl Returns...as a Raider (Aug. 29, 2002) Decked in Oakland Raiders gear, Axl Rose brings the stadium-size sound of Guns N' Roses back to the MTV Video Music Awards for the first time in 10 years with an amazing performance that channels some of GNR's best."

This is in response to the posting on velvet-revolver.com entitled "Velvet Revolver Are Loving The Aliens(Sometimes)" on September 06, 2003, which originally appeared on blabbermouth.net.

Hello Velvet Revolver fans. I hate for my first message on the site to be of the negative variety but I feel that it is my responsibility to uphold the honor and integrity of my friend and producer/partner, and to let the truth be known. First off, Velvet Revolver spokesperson Arlett Vereecke is not a spokesperson. We speak on our own behalf. Secondly, she was fired two weeks ago for situations not unlike this. Last but not least, Josh Abraham is a genius producer and friend who produced an amazing rock track last week. This track was not titled "Loving the Alien (sometimes)". "Loving the Alien (sometimes)" is an art-rock ballad that was produced by Douglas Grean; an amazingly talented producer and friend who is so humble that he didn't even want me to write this response. But I'm sorry Doug, when it comes to the music that I write with my partners in V.R., the truth needs to be known. It's my responsibility to the producers, to the music, and to the fans.

Shame on you Arlett Vereecke.

Scott Weiland

Source(s): Rolling Stone, http://www.velvetrevolver.net  
Thanks to: GypsySoul, CokeAddict, Kiki 
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